Olive Pro: 2-in-1 hearing aids and Bluetooth earbuds

Olive Pro blends hearing aids with wireless earbuds.

Couple a streamlined design with machine learning, and you have met the Olive Pro 2-in-1 Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Earbuds. These tiny but mighty buds are a second-generation upgrade to the original model. They offer users an entire host of features and benefits to deliver the sound clarity that everyone deserves. With a commitment to affordable hearing for everyone, here is how Olive Pro is changing the approach to medical hearing solutions.

Two functions. Two modes

Users can switch between Hear Mode and Music Mode to change the delivery of the sound. Olive Pro’s earbuds deliver enhanced hearing for those who require medical assistance to clearly hear sounds, conversations, and music. These FDA-Registered hearing aids offer high-tech speech understanding and automated background noise cancellation to deliver crystal clear sound quality.

With all of the functions typical of a quality set of wireless earbuds, Olive Pro has redesigned the purpose of earbuds to disintegrate the fundamental notion that hearing aids have to be costly and unsightly. The five-minute hearing test, administered through the accompanying app, analyzes your personal hearing preferences to deliver a customized music experience, as well as a highly tailored hearing solution.

Stand out features

If one thing is for sure, it is that Olive Pro’s 2-in-1 Earbuds deliver. On the practical side, these earbuds boast wireless pairing with music and calling features, over 18 hours of charge, and intuitive speech understanding. On the technical side, Olive Pro’s earbuds provide ultra-clear sound quality, automatic noise cancellation for background noise, and adjustable sound modes to suit your environment.

Olive Pro’s earbuds distinguish human voices and amplifies them upon detection. The Olive Pro app provides as many features as the earbuds themselves. There’s a test to personalize music listening, a test for those who need to use the hearing aid function, and even a way for the app to demonstrate your level of hearing loss.

Generational improvements

Since the creation of their first-generation earbuds, Olive Pro has made adjustments and advancements to deliver an even better listening experience. Through functional improvements, Olive Pro has increased the amplification and stereo sound by 150%, maximum gain by 43%, and the number of channels and bands by 300%

How it stacks against the competition

Hearing aids cost thousands, amplifiers, upwards of $400, and traditional earbuds with much less capability cost at least $250-$300. So, how do Olive Pro’s earbuds compare to their closest competitors? They are priced lower than nearly every other hearing aid option currently available. However, they offer smartphone access, app integration, wireless charging, and multi-function equalizing options. What do they cost?

What you get + What it costs

Currently going through a round of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, a set of Olive Pro earbuds costs $199 with the option to purchase multiple packs at a 40% or higher discounted rate. Those purchasing the earbuds receive a set with both earbuds, wireless charging case, a USB-C cable, and ten different ear tips in varying sizes.