Freedom Trax: Powered track device for manual wheelchairs

Freedom Trax transforms a manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud.

Freedom Trax is revolutionizing how wheelchair users can travel and experience new terrains. While wheelchairs are intended to make life easier for those who need mobile assistance, that does not mean that they don’t come with their own set of problems. Life for wheelchair users is not simple or easy. There are many problems or issues that they face in their everyday lives because they require a wheelchair to move around. There are obviously many positive attributes to wheelchairs. However, there are also plenty of situations in which it becomes difficult or impossible to navigate within a space because of the dynamics of the wheelchair.

Common problems faced by wheelchair users

There are plenty of everyday problems that wheelchair users face, such as dirty hands, getting their clothes caught and ripped, difficulty moving around in small spaces, fitting a wheelchair into a car – the list really does go on. And the reason for that is because the world isn’t designed for a wheelchair. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions or innovative ways to incorporate new techniques and technologies to make life easier for those who use wheelchairs.

A significant problem faced by those who use wheelchairs is unforgiving terrain. The wheels on wheelchairs are designed for hard and smooth surfaces such as pavement, hardwood, or tile. Something as unpredictable as a snowstorm can create a very difficult situation for a wheelchair user. The same goes for surfaces and terrains that include gravel or sand. The combination of these softer or more uneven terrains with wheels that are not engineered to withstand that lack of support leads to a problematic situation. A situation in which the person using the wheelchair can’t move around freely.

Nothing but frustration

You can imagine that a situation, such as the one mentioned above, can lead to a significant amount of frustration. In a sense, the freedom of the wheelchair user is being compromised. They can’t do the things that they want to do and be a part of the same experiences as everyone else simply because they can’t move or travel the same way. It truly is a lack of freedom and a great source of irritation among those using wheelchairs.

So, what is the solution?

We do not live in an age where we accept hardships or problems without exploring the ways in which we can help fix them. For all intents and purposes, we tend to be a solutions-based society. So, how do we fix this problem for people who use wheelchairs? Shouldn’t they be able to move along the shoreline and enjoy the view of the ocean? Or be able to experience all of the fantastic sites and excursions to be had on vacation?

Of course! It was for these reasons that Freedom Trax creates motorized solutions for problems regarding the use of wheelchairs. With three distinctive and useful models, Freedom Trax has made it possible for wheelchair users to move freely across all different types of terrain and surfaces. Each model serves a different purpose and caters to a unique set of issues that individual wheelchair users may be facing. Here is how each model stacks up.

The FT1

Freedom Trax is the singular motorized wheelchair track attachment on the market that is designed to take manual wheelchairs off-road. The FT1 is meant to empower wheelchair users to take their chairs through snow, sand, mud, or gravel. With a unique design that is lightweight and versatile, it is also important to note that the machine is extremely durable and rugged. Better yet, it is portable and convenient, allowing for ease and simplicity in use.

The FT1 weighs about 70-103 pounds and holds up to 250 pounds. It has an operating range of about five miles and is powered by a Li-ion 24V battery. Users control the device through a handheld joystick. The FT1 model can be mounted and dismounted without any assistance. It allows for adjustable wheel widths, which means you can change chairs without modifying or purchasing a new FT1. Each device is customized to fit the user’s own wheelchair.

The FT2

The Freedom Trax FT2 serves a similar purpose to the FT1 model. It is made to allow the user to move freely through rugged terrain while still offering a great deal of durability, mobility, and convenience. One of the notable differences between the FT1 and FT2 is that the FT2 is outfitted with a seat for the user, whereas the FT1 model is an attachment for the user’s own seat.

While the FT2 includes a chair, it is still easy to travel with and can be set-up reasonably quickly. As the chair is easily detachable, the user can fold the chair and put it in their vehicle. This is one of the features that make the FT2 great for travel. The FT2 is fitted with a 24V Li-ion battery, a charger, two 24V motors, and a handheld joystick for easy and accurate controls.

The FT Pro Pack

The FT Pro Pack is, essentially, an elevated version of the FT1. It is equipped with a much more powerful battery. It allows the user to extend the range of travel substantially. Much like the FT1, it can be mounted and dismounted without assistance. It comes fully loaded with a 24V Li-ion battery, two 24V motors, a handheld joystick, and a charger.

This unit is also a great device to use for travel because it is portable, lightweight, and is highly mobile. Fitting in the trunk of any standard car, the FT Pro Pack makes it easy to enjoy new places and terrains without worrying about getting stuck or having to hang behind while your family and friends get to try new things.

Availability and Pricing

All three models can be purchased from Freedom Trax’s website. As these items are customized to fit the individual user, they are non-refundable. The FT1 sells for $6,570, the FT2 sells for $6,570 as well, and the FT Pro Pack is $6,930.