Engineer defies physics with square-wheeled bicycle

Square-Wheeled Bicycle - The Q
Defying the norm: The eye-catching square-wheeled bicycle by Sergii Gordieiev (The Q).

Engineer Sergii Gordieiev, The Q, known for his experiments with bicycles, has recently taken on an ambitious project to create a functional bicycle with square wheels. Despite the challenges posed by basic physics, Gordieiev has managed to design a bicycle that not only propels forward but also allows for turns.

The square-wheeled bicycle

Gordieiev’s square-wheeled bicycle is an intriguing concept that pushes the boundaries of conventional design. He modified a standard bike frame to accommodate custom-made square wheels. To overcome the hurdle of friction, Gordieiev engineered a unique mechanism. Instead of relying on the wheel’s rotation for propulsion, he built a channel over the wheel that’s activated by the pedals while the wheel itself remains stationary.

According to The Q, the square-wheeled bicycle is a “fully working” concept, and he considers it “one of the most craziest projects” he has ever built. Surprisingly, the bicycle is reported to ride pretty smoothly, although its functionality differs from initial assumptions.

The Q’s previous innovation: The split-wheel bicycle

We previously reported on another innovative bicycle design by The Q called the split-wheel bicycle. This design featured a complete front wheel and two halved rear wheels, with a system of tubes and rivets keeping the rear wheel halves in motion. The split-wheel bicycle garnered mixed reactions from biking enthusiasts, but it showcased the inventive spirit of Sergii Gordieiev and his willingness to explore unconventional ideas.

Square-Wheeled Bicycle The-Q Tracked Channel
The tracked channel on Sergii Gordieiev’s square-wheeled bicycle, revealing the unique mechanism behind its surprisingly functional ride.

The square-wheeled bicycle is a testament to the innovation and creativity of engineers like Sergii Gordieiev, who are unafraid to challenge conventional design principles. While it may not replace traditional round-wheeled bicycles anytime soon, this creation stands as a reminder that sometimes, thinking outside the box – or in this case, the wheel – can lead to unique and functional inventions. Along with the split-wheel bicycle, The Q continues to redefine the boundaries of bicycle design.

Check out the build process of the square-wheeled bicycle in the video below.

Source: The Q