Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1: Mountain bike with front-end linkage suspension

Structure Cycleworks hopes to improve safety and stability with their radical WTF linkage suspension.

Since their invention, bikes have become an essential part of our everyday life. We ride them to school, work, the park and for sports. Over the years, bikes have evolved, and there have been many improvements in their designs and performance.

Lately, bike suspension has been in the spotlight. Why? This is because riders are getting adventurous and more people want to take their bikes off the beaten track – think about riding off-road, taking on mountains and cross-country cycling.

However, not every bike can adapt to off-road and rough terrain. Special bikes are built for off-road riders and those who would love to ride both on city roads and dirt trails.

A foremost brand of bike that is capable of taking on rocky and dirty trails is the Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 Foundation series.

SCW-1 bikes are built with versatility and all-round adaptation in mind. Their designs are unique and crafted from the best materials, including Carbon Fiber.

Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 Design and Features

If you are looking to spend your money on a bike that delivers power, unrivaled performance and stability, you should consider the SCW-1 series.

They feature state of the art design and features – from their compact and lightweight designs to their remarkable grip and stability. You can navigate both smooth and challenging terrains without having troubles with balance, suspension and brakes.

One of the highlight feature of the Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 bikes and frames is their “Without Telescoping Fork” (WTF) Linkage Suspension. Why is their linkage suspension such a buzz?

Here are some reasons why bike enthusiasts and riders opt for the SCW-1 series WTF linkage suspension – you should try them as well.

1. Improved Stability

You no longer have to worry about the predictability of your wheels when navigating bends.
The Without Telescoping Fork (WTF) linkage suspension offers extra grip and stability that helps riders go through corners without compromising or losing speed – this is an experience you don’t want to miss!

2. Improved Control and Smoother Travels

Another ingenious feature on the SCW-1 series is the improved control it offers – thanks to its independent braking, steering and suspension systems.

The multifunctional tasking of telescoping forks take its toll on the suspension system and make it almost impossible for riders to brake on a steep descent and turn into corners without crashing.

On the positive side, the Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 bikes and frames guarantee smooth travels on all terrains and quick brake response.

3. Less Brake Dive

The Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 bikes also limit dive when you brake. This feature gives riders an impressive amount of balance and less transfer of weight to the front of the bike as well.

In simple terms, riders can conveniently select the amount of brake-dive whenever they want and not worry about getting thrown off their seats upon braking.

Last but not least, the Without Telescoping Fork (WTF) linkage suspension requires less maintenance, servicing or replacement of parts. The SCW-1 marvel also relieves you from ever having to change fork seals or fluids.


The Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 bikes and frames are wonderfully made to stand the test of time even after extended use on unforgiving terrains.

Here are some of the Structure CycleWorks’ SCW-1 bikes and their prices.

1. The Foundation Series-Eagle XX1 costs $9,250. You can take this beauty home by making the full payment or opting for a down payment of $500.

2. The SCW-1 Janus series

This masterpiece goes for $6,995, and you can become a proud owner of one out of the 60 bikes that will be available in early 2020.

3. The Foundation Series Forkset goes for $4,750

4. Janus Series – XT8100 is selling at $7,295 and

5. Janus Series Frame Forkset at $4,750.

How to Acquire Any of These Products

Updated 21st March, 2021: You can visit the Structure CycleWorks’ website to select and confirm frame size before adding to cart. Payment can be made in full, or you could guarantee your purchase by making a down payment of $500. The balance for orders not paid in full (including taxes and shipping; not including customs duty where applicable) will be due no later than 30 days prior to shipping.

Other cool stuff you can add to cart are

  1. Sticker Set at $5
  2. Blue Logo Cap at $30
  3. Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee at $22.85, and
  4. Women Favorite Tee at $22.85.

Now is the time to lay your hands on that awesome bike you’ve always wanted and join a community of happy riders across the world.