Carver: Three-wheeled electric tilting vehicle

The electric Carver is emission-free, space-saving and silent.

Driving around town on a busy day and sitting in traffic for hours has to be the most dreadful experience for drivers. What if you could cruise around town in a compact and yet, very comfortable and classy vehicle that is sure to get heads turning? Imagine a stylish vehicle that combines both features and experience of a car and a scooter for your convenience. What name would you give such beauty? How about Carver – the three-wheeled electric tilting vehicle?

What is Carver?

Caver is a state-of-the-art three-wheeled car or “trike,” as most people will describe such a vehicle. It offers unrivaled comfort and all-round convenience through every trip. From the choice of build materials, colors, design, and performance, Carver can’t be found wanting. It is simply the best and innovative solution to the persistent city road traffic and congested neighborhood roads.

Why is Carver making causing so much buzz?

Well, astounding inventions hardly stay hidden. Here are some fascinating features of this revolutionary vehicle!

Carver is green!

If you are thinking of color green, then you missed the idea. Carver is an electrically powered vehicle. So, if you are passionate about saving mother nature and cutting down gas emissions, this is your chance to join the campaign for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Carver is remarkably silent and can travel long distances on a single charge – say from Amsterdam to Utrecht and back. It has a top speed of 45 km/h, and a range of 100 km.

Carver is safe

What is a vehicle that doesn’t guarantee your safety? The answer is obvious – NOT Carver! Carver is built from flexible yet high-strength materials. It is sturdy, safe and comfortable to ride in.

Unrivaled comfort!

Talking about Comfort, Carver offers all of the comfort and luxury of your conventional cars – from comfy seats and interior to entertainment a reliable navigation system. You have your playlist within reach and enough room to tag with a passenger and luggage.

Carver is fun and easy to handle!

Drivers don’t need to undergo a special driving class to take Carver out for a spin and enjoy a cozy ride around town. All you need to do is turn on the ignition and drive as you would a car – with no stress at all!

Carver tilts!

One fun feature onboard Carver is its ability to tilt when you drive into corners or take a bend. The experience is thrilling and unforgettable. Its advanced tilt technology offers remarkable stability and balance when cornering. It has a max tilting angle of 40 degrees.

The suspension system also guarantees smooth handling and reliability at all times – which makes driving in Carver something to look forward to!

Easy maintenance

Carver takes much of maintenance off your shoulder by providing service centers and facilities across the Netherlands (where Carver is currently available).

You can drive into any of Carver’s dedicated maintenance facilities and let Electric Vehicle (EV) specialists take care of any glitch.

Carver is dynamic and affordable

Carver is suitable for all seasons and available to all. It is affordable and allows everyone to drive “green.”

How about a little sunlight?

Carver electric tilting vehicle features a design bonus that allows drivers to enjoy the warmth of sunny days. The top is fitted with a convertible roof – you can roll the top roof and make way for more sunlight into the interior.

How to get your own Carver

With the superior Carver, traffic jams and the hassles of finding suitable parking spaces are things of the past. You can sneak into small spaces without scratching or denting your vehicle.

Driving a Carver is fun, and the feeling is incomparable to any other vehicle. Pricing for Carver starts from €9,990 (about $US10,350) excluding VAT. You can visit their official website to fill out a form and test drive this gem. Or you could reserve your Carver now.

Updated 4th June, 2022