Heavy-duty cargo etrike can carry over 500 pounds or 8 children through city

Ouca Space Cargo eTrike Lockable Lid
The Ouca Space features a front door and locking lid to securely transport valuable cargo. Images © Ouca Bikes

All over the world, innovative startups and other companies are looking to create urban mobility solutions in an age of growing electrification, increasingly expensive vehicles, and an increasing lack of space. The market for personal, easy-to-operate vehicles with great utility and versatility is wide open, and one company from Finland thinks they’ve cracked part of that market with their Ouca three-wheeler concept, which comes in multiple configurations.

Who are Ouca Bikes?

As we touched on already, Ouca Bikes are an EV startup from Finland, who have designed a series of three-wheeler electric bikes that are designed to combine both convenience and extraordinary utility. The company has developed a range including 3 versions: the Ouca Space, the Ouca Kiddiebus, and the versatile Ouca Transport.

Ouca Space

Arguably the flagship model of the range is the Ouca Space, which is designed to work essentially as an electrically powered cargo trike. When you need precious cargo moved securely through a city, but can’t rely on vans and trucks that will simply get stuck in traffic for hours on end, the Ouca Space is there to fill the gap.

The Ouca Space’s front-mounted cargo hold can carry up to 562-lbs of whatever cargo you can get in the total of 870 liters of space. There’s even a rear rack in place for those times you have extra items that you need quick access to without having to open up the locking lid of the front cargo area. This payload capacity will make the Ouca Space even more capable than most electric quad bikes that are designed to mimic traditional delivery vans.

Ouca Kiddiebus

Perhaps you’re taking your kids and their friends to the park and what a quick, simple, sturdy and safe method to get them there. Enter: the Ouca Kiddiebus. For this model, Ouca Bikes have customized the front cargo hold to be a safe space for up to 8 young children to sit and be wheeled about from place to place.

Ouca Kiddiebus
Ouca Kiddiebus

The company has envisioned this model becoming particularly favored by urban preschools, who can use it to safely haul class groups around between school buildings, or on short-range day trips. The standard Kiddiebus uses an open-top front carriage space, but it’s also available with an overhead cage.

Ouca Transport

For those who want the best of both worlds, the Transport model allows for an adult and 3 children, or 4 children to sit safely in the front compartment, or a mix of people and goods. It’s ideal for family use, keeping the kids and groceries together in the front where you can see them at all times.

Ouca Transport
Ouca Transport

Electric powertrain

These Ouca vehicles are powered by a fully integrated Revonte electric powertrain. Its specifications at this moment remain unknown, but past tech from Revonte suggests that we could be looking at an automatic stepless transmission with a lithium-ion battery of up to around 2,800-Wh. All that riders will likely need to do is pedal while the Ouca Space or other unit shifts by itself and provides full electric assistance.

Ouca Bikes are available for export sales, but prices are not yet quoted online. Ouca encourages any interested parties to contact them about sales through their website. Have a look at the Ouca cargo bike in action in the video below.

Source: Ouca Bikes