Aquatic Utility Vehicle: Bizarre union of a UTV body and two jet skis

Shadow Six Typhoon AUV
The Shadow Six Typhoon places a UTV body on top of a pair of high-performance jet skis. Images © Shadow Six Racing

We now have the world’s first aquatic utility vehicle, thanks to a weird combination of a UTV cabin and two top-functioning Jet Skis. The audacious but awesome set-up sees a UTV cabin mounted on jet skis. This weird-looking utility vehicle is named Shadow Six Typhoon.

It was developed by Shadow Six, a company whose operations are streamlined to the motorsport and technology industries. Though a good number of unusual water sports toys exist, none are on the same level as Shadow Six Typhoon in its weirdness.

Shadow Six Typhoon has impressive bodywork. Its body panels are obtained from a Polaris RZR. They are actually aftermarket RZR. The jet ski hulls are made from carbon composite. They are aligned to long-travel Fox shocks both at the front and rear. These Fox shocks are best suited for a UTV.

The titanium frame of the aquatic utility vehicle is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. It also possesses suspension. The twin jet ski hulls are coupled to a shock and spring unit at every corner. This ensures that water waves exert little influence on the vehicle’s mobility. This guarantees a hitch-free and enjoyable ride.

Shadow Six Typhoon does not run on just any engine. The two jet ski hulls support supercharged Yamaha GP1800R SVHO engines, each producing 250 hp. If you feel this power output is insufficient and wish to nudge it a little higher, you have the option of having Riva Racing performance kits pre-installed before delivery. These performance kits come in variants of Stage 1, 2, and 3. The power boosts are not explicitly stated by Riva. However, a Stage 3 kit nudges the Typhoon’s top speed of 68 mph to over 80 mph.

A Riva Racing Stage 3 kit pushes the Typhoon’s top speed to over 80mph.

The extreme balance exhibited by the Typhoon is at odds with its weight. It weighs approximately 1,035 kg. It moves rapidly through the water, unfazed by quick changes in wind direction and wave currents. The Typhoon is also lined at its waterline by incompressible collars, which help it ride through rough waters. This further adds to its stability in water. Landing is also not an issue for the Typhoon. The suspension keeps it sturdy and compact on landing.

Shadow Six Typhoon joins the class of other watercraft which are capable of performing quick jumps and a couple of swift and fast-paced water movements. Well, you don’t find the Typhoon on sale in just any utility vehicle store. If you want to pick your very own beefy machine, you will have to head to Riva Racing in Florida, where it is available exclusively at a starting price of $250,399.

Shadow Six Typhoon Aquatic Utility Vehicle
The Shadow Six Typhoon sure looks like a lot of fun on the water.

I must say, if attention was the idea behind this unusual combination, then Shadow Six didn’t get it wrong with the Typhoon. The Typhoon is a perfect example of an absurd idea that has metamorphosed into something unique and weird at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worth a try.

Source: Shadow Six Racing