HTVRONT launches world’s first heat press with auto pressure exertion

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press
HTVRONT's Auto Heat Press has an automatic pressing system that improves upon traditional manual presses. Images © HTVRONT

In the last ten years, the popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects has exploded. Thanks to accessible equipment, tutorial videos, and online marketplaces, starting a project and opening up shop has never been easier. HTVRONT – a Chinese company – has been providing customers with high-quality DIY materials since 2018, and it is now in the process of creating the ultimate DIY machine.

Funded on Kickstarter, HTVRONT is currently mass producing an auto heat press machine that makes pressing designs onto fabrics an easy and swift experience.

What makes it special?

Manual iron-on press machines are laborious, time-consuming, and often inaccurate. HTVRONT set out to design a press machine that will deliver stunning, crisp results each time with little user effort. Operating the machine will be as simple as placing your fabric and design onto the tray, setting the time and temperature, and clicking start – that’s it! Not to mention, it doesn’t require any assembly, just plug it in and go.

The company equipped the new auto heat press with a dual-zone heating engine and NTC technology to ensure the heat will spread evenly and that the display temperature is accurate. Unlike other machines that take ages to heat up, HTVRONT’s auto heat press can reach its maximum temperature of 210°C in six minutes.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Pull Out Drawer
HTVRONT’s pullout drawer design means you don’t have to worry about the heat source hovering over your hands.

Auto mode

Most heat presses require users to reset their desired setting after every use. That gets tiresome and slows down production, and for people running a business, time is money. To expedite the production process, HTVRONT added the auto feature.

When enabling the auto mode, which is done by the click of a button, users will simply inset their design and fabric, hit start, and repeat. HTVRONT claims your customizations will come out perfectly each time. For small businesses, the auto mode can help take their company to the next level.

Safety first

As its name describes, a heat press radiates a lot of heat. If people aren’t careful, they can find themselves with nasty burns. HTVRONT prioritized safety in its auto heat press’s design by using a pullout drawer to insert the fabric. No one who uses the machine will ever be exposed to the scalding hot heat plate.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Designs
Heat transfer is a popular way to add original decorations and designs to T-shirts, tablecloths, canvas and any other fabrics.

Additionally, there will be multi-layered insulation and a cooling technology that will make the outer shell safe to touch even when the machine is being operated – no more painful burns!

Pricing and availability

HTVRONT used Kickstarter to raise funds for this project, and it has successfully raised US$610,897 so far. With over 3,700 backers, the auto heat press is clearly a product people are excited about.

Right now, the only way to order one of HTVRONT’s auto heat presses is by supporting it on Kickstarter, where discounted packages are available. You can book one for yourself at a super early bird price of about US$169. The planned retail price is about US$280.

Source: HTVRONT Kickstarter