Onyx Note Air3: An affordable monochrome ePaper tablet for note-takers

Onyx Note Air3 Monochrome ePaper Tablet
The Note Air3 is a monochrome variant of Onyx Boox's 10-inch color ePaper tablet released in October. Images courtesy Onyx International

In a market saturated with color devices, Onyx International offers an alternative with the launch of its new monochrome ePaper tablet, the Note Air3. This product comes as a follow-up to the company’s previous color ePaper tablets, the Boox Tab Ultra C Pro and the Note Air3 C, introduced in October.

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The Note Air3 stands out with its 10.3-inch E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen, a shift from the Kaleido 3 color technology used in its predecessors. This change signifies Onyx’s recognition of a consumer segment that prefers the simplicity and clarity of a monochrome display. The absence of the Super Refresh Technology, necessary for color tablets, is also notable in this model.

The tablet’s display resolution is impressive at 1,404 x 1,872 pixels. It features a “close-to-paper film” topping, which aims to mimic the feel of writing on paper. This feature, coupled with the warm/cold frontlight, ensures comfortable use in various lighting conditions, eliminating the need to depend solely on natural or artificial light sources.

Equipped with the latest firmware, the Note Air3 includes the Smart Scribe feature. This innovative function allows users to convert their handwritten notes and annotations into various formats such as shapes, highlights, and underlines, enhancing the digital note-taking experience.

Onyx Note Air3 Monochrome ePaper Tablet Smart Scribe
The Note Air3 features Smart Scribe, designed to refine users’ note-taking skills effortlessly.

The device operates on Android 12 and is powered by a 2.4-GHz octa-core processor. It comes supported by 5 GB of RAM and offers 64 GB of storage with the option for microSD expansion. Connectivity is robust, featuring Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Despite housing a 3,700-mAh battery, the Note Air3 maintains a sleek profile at just 5.8 mm thin, although it is slightly heavier than its color counterparts, weighing in at 15.9 oz (450 g).

One of the most appealing aspects of the Note Air3 is its affordability. Priced at US$399.99, it is about a hundred dollars cheaper than its color equivalents, making it an attractive option for users who do not require color displays. The tablet is currently available for order, positioning itself as a cost-effective solution for those seeking a digital note-taking device with the simplicity and readability of monochrome ePaper technology.

Onyx-Note-Air3-Monochrome ePaper Tablet Multiple eBook Formats
The Note Air3 has a 227 ppi E Ink Carta 1200 screen, multiple note-taking tools, and supports 17 ebook formats.

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