HybridDrive – Expandable Storage Hub with Fast SSD

HybridDrive is a USB-C hub, dock and high-speed SSD drive in one.

There is no doubt that the USB Type-C is here to stay. Previously tipped as the future of device to device transmission, the industry-standard technology can now be found on all manner of devices, from laptops and Macs to external hard drives and mobile phone charging cables. However, many gadgets and devices are yet to follow this trend. If you want to connect with such devices, you’d need a suitable bridge, and HybridDrive is arguably the best among the lot.

Design and features

The device is specially designed to provide a smooth and fast connection between Type-C gadgets and accessories that are otherwise incompatible. Besides the USB-C, this universal hub also boasts HDMI, USB-A, Micro SD, and SD Card ports; that’s about every port. Besides, you get to enjoy up to 2TB SSD storage to keep important documents and multimedia files securely.

Ultra-fast convenience

Ever tried pricing a MacBook or laptop with a 2TB solid-state drive? You don’t need a genius to tell you they’re not on the affordable end of the gadget spectrum. HybridDrive gives you the chance to enjoy the speed and capacity of 2TB SSD hard drives, alongside unparalleled convenience. You get to access your files on the go, without having to move about with the whole weight of your laptop. Incredible, isn’t it?

Turbo+ speeds

The unique selling point of USB Type-C ports is the superior speed. Whether you’re using it for data transfer or charging, these ports are more than twice as fast as other USB types. However, most people don’t get to enjoy the superior data transfer speed because they have to use hubs as intermediaries. With HybridDrive, you are guaranteed the highest possible speed you can expect from USB Type-C. According to the manufacturers, the device is twice as fast as the fastest hubs currently available for retail.

450 MB/s read and write speed

HybridDrive boasts a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Next Generation Form Factor interface that allows users to access the 2TB storage at an astonishing speed of up to 450 MB/s. That’s three times faster than conventional external hard disks!
Simply put, your device is fast enough to transfer a 40GB file in 1 minute! What’s more? Users can get this speed while reading or writing on their external storage.

Can be used for everything

HybridDrive isn’t just your USB hub or external drive; it’s that reliable device you can trust to handle everything. Here are some of the things it’s capable of:

  • Playing games: HybridDrive can boost the storage of your video game consoles. And you can seamlessly play your favorite games directly from the drive.
  • Create: Users can create and edit files from Photoshop or Excel instantly. Using an SSD makes your work smoother and faster.
  • Backup: There’s enough storage space to keep your PC and phone data or just about any file that matters to you safe
  • Bootable Drive: You can keep a complete OS on Hybrid drive and plug it in and boot whenever you need to.

Pricing info

HybridDrive is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo campaign has been widely successful, generating 845% of the target with 23 days to go. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.