FoldiMate laundry-folding machine

FoldiMate folds your clothes for you.

For many of us, the most difficult aspect of doing the laundry is the final phase – folding clothes. It’s why many wardrobes are left in chaos. One won’t even be surprised to learn that this seemingly simple task is responsible for some failed relationships. If you are one of those that view folding as a Herculean task, FoldiMate was specially designed for you. This smart folding machine is capable of folding about 40 items of laundry in four minutes or less. Even if folding laundry were your hobby, you’d have a hard time beating that.

FoldiMate is a huge, sleek machine that is optimized to take the work out of folding your laundry. All you need to do is put your clothes into the feed tube and the machine does the rest for you. It’s high time you said goodbye to piling clothes in your wardrobe or on your bed and embrace the new time-saving way of folding your clothes.

Easy clipping

The FoldiMate couldn’t be easier to feed. Simply put your clothing item into the feed tube and your neatly folded clothes come out from the other opening. You can feed the machine within seconds and it’ll produce your clothes just as fast.


The folding machine is capable of handling a wide range of clothes. It can seamlessly fold clothes ranging from shirts, pants, buttoned-up blouses, pillowcases, towels, etc. It comes with a smart technology that helps it adapt to various cloth type and sizes. You can trust it to handle most of your folding needs. However, you may have to handle your socks, undergarments, thick hoodies, and most baby clothes on your own.

Family friendly

The FoldiMate is designed in a way that anyone in the family can help fold clothes. Children no longer have to wait until their parents come back home before the laundry can be arranged. Everyone can now help with the folding.

Pricing info

The estimated selling price for the FoldiMate is $980. This amount does not include taxes or shipping costs as these may vary from country to country. The first batch of the new FoldiMate is expected to be shipped by late 2019. Prospective buyers are encouraged to join the waitlist via the official FoldiMate website. Joining the waitlist would give you a chance to pre-order when the product becomes available in your country.