Quickboat Folding Boat: Assembles in 60 seconds

Quickboat folding boat is perfect for touring and weekend adventures - assembles in 60 seconds.

There aren’t many better ways of enjoying a weekend alone or with the family than exploring and cruising on calm waters. The Quickboat opens you up to a world of adventures, giving you the freedom to explore one of nature’s best gifts whenever you want. The ultra-lightweight boat is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The amazing commercial success of the Quickboat’s first model led to the development of two additional models. These are either in the final design or production stage. You can be sure you’ll get a model that would suit your needs and taste in no time at all.

Design and features

The Quickboat comes with a swing transom that clicks into place with admirable ease. The strength and rigidity imparted by the transom combine to give you an enjoyable ride. All the individual parts of the Quickboat come with a lock-in design. The parts lock in place during assembly and you can rest assured you have the maximum security and safety while on the boat. The super hinges are made from Kevlar and high-end fiberglass. These materials are known for their flexibility, durability, and lightweight. Below are some of the other features that make the Quickboat a must buy for any adventurer, traveler or angler.

Compact and easy to transport

The lightweight and foldability are perhaps the greatest strength of the Quickboat. You do not have to worry about where you’ll store your boat, particularly if you do not have a facility that’s close to the river bank. You can simply hang the Quickboat on a garage wall and no one would bother you about license or other maintenance costs. When you’re ready to enter the water and have maximum fun, simply strap the boat to your roof rack and head down for the best time of your life.

Fast and spacious

Conventional rigid hull boats are no match for the quick boat when it comes to speed. This is due to the superior power transfer and of course, the light weight of the Quickboat. The boat is designed to optimize power transfer from the engine to the sides of the boat. This leads to more efficient fuel consumption and faster speed. The boat is also quite spacious for a vehicle that looks that small. The 3.7m Adventurer, the maiden version of the Quickboat is spacious enough to accommodate 4 adults at 75kg each.

Easy to assemble and safe to ride in

The Quickboat takes all of 60 seconds to assemble. There are no nuts, screws, wires, wingnuts, or any other thing that could make assembling the boat stressful. It’s just as simple as piling pieces of building blocks on each other and you can get your boat on the water in a minute or less. The team of experts that designed the Quickboat also paid attention to the safety of passengers and ease of driving. The gunnel rails fit the shape of your hand, and the feet grip keeps you in command when driving. The hinge, power transfer, as well as the geometry of the Quickboat all come with a patent. You can be sure you’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience when you set out in the Quickboat.

Pricing info

The 3.7m Adventurer costs around $4300. You can visit the official website for more information.