Zirux Charger X: The 100W Fast Charger-Battery-Hub

ZIRUX Charger X is arguably the only 100W fast Charger-Battery-Hub you need.

If you were a regular traveler, you would understand how many accessories you have to move with just to ensure your phone remains fully functional – a travel adaptor, power bank, charger, USB hub, and probably more. What if you could have one device that can do the job of all those accessories? With a 100W fast-charge output, 2 USB-A ports for file transfer, MicroSD card slot, and 10,000mAH power bank, the Zirux Charger X is the all-purpose device you have been waiting for.

Design and features

Charger X is specially fabricated from Gallium nitride (GaN). It’s a new semiconductor that facilitates the design of more compact and faster chargers. The multipurpose device provides peerless convenience and comfort by taking care of all your charging and data transfer needs.

All in one device

If you are tired of messy dongles and cables, Charger X is the device you need. The all-in-one power hub can replace your USB hub, Mac charger, power bank, and travel adapter. It takes care of all your charging and data transfer needs.

100W GaN technology

According to the manufacturers, Charger X has integrated the latest Power Delivery technology to deliver much faster-charging speeds than conventional chargers. The advanced technology enables it to deliver up to 100W output power. That’s more than enough to easily fast-charge demanding devices, including MacBook Pros, laptops, and iPads. In addition to the smaller size and greater efficiency, the GaN technology further enhances safety. It allows the battery to retain power better than other existing batteries.

Multiple charging ports

Zirux Charger X is equipped with a 100W PD USB-C 3.0 power delivery port and two 18W/15W USB-A 3.0/2.0 Qualcomm quick-charge ports. Even if you couldn’t be less concerned by the technical terms, you’ll be happy to know that Charger X allows you to fast-charge three devices at the same time.

Transfer files anywhere

For your file transfer needs, Charger X has three USB ports and one micro SD/TF card slot. You can also access your files on the go by plugging your USB device or SD card directly into charger X. The file transfer feature becomes even more useful when you need to quickly transfer files while on the road. Think about how many more pictures you can snap without your camera complaining about inadequate memory space.

10,000 mAh Battery

Who needs a power bank when your multipurpose device has a 10,000mAh battery that can easily charge most phones and cameras multiple times? In emergencies, the power bank can also charge your laptop or Macbook. Although the 10,000mAh capacity might seem too small to charge a laptop, Charger X’s GaN technology ensures it can retain power better than other devices.

Pricing info

Zirux Charger X is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign has been widely successful, generating more than 250% of the target with 38 days to go. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.