Hurdle Hanger – Innovative organizing solution for your closet

Hurdle Hanger helps you organize quickly, save space, prevent neckline stretch, and more.

Organizing clothes with a typical hanger could be as frustrating as it is stressful – trying hard not to stretch the neckline of tops, fumbling with the clips so you can properly hang pants. No wonder many people end up leaving their wardrobes in a disorganized state. The Hurdle Hanger hopes to solve this problem. It is specially designed to help you hang all kinds of clothes in a snap – shirts, tops, pants, and even clothing accessories. With the Hurdle Hanger, you will no longer have an excuse for leaving your room in a mess.

Goodbye to stretching necklines

Hurdle Hanger comes with an open end that allows you to slip your tops in place seamlessly. With the hanger, you can freely hang your favorite tops or turtlenecks without worrying about overstretching the neckline. For shirts, you no longer have to fumble with the buttons before hanging.

Quick and easy to use

The hanger’s design is such that you can effortlessly hang all kinds of clothes. For instance, a top, shirt, turtleneck, pant, belt, or even knitted clothes that you’d typically have to fold.

Side hook for hanging accessories

While helping you arrange your clothes neatly, the Hurdle Hanger would not leave out your accessories. Each hanger comes with a side hook that can prove useful for hanging accessories such as belts and neckties.

Saves more space

With Hurdle Hanger, your clothes hang about 2 to 3 inches higher than with most traditional hangers. Thus, it gives you more floor space in your wardrobe; that’s more space for your footwear and other luggage. The fact that Hurdle Hanger is half as thin as conventional hangers also helps save valuable wardrobe space.

Slip-resistant feature

When you see a hanger with an open end, you would think that the clothes would fall off at the slightest tilt. However, your clothes couldn’t be safer on the Hurdle Hanger. The design incorporates slip-resistant strips. As long as the hanger is not tilted at an unreasonable angle, you can trust that your clothes will never fall off.

Made from high-quality ABS

According to the manufacturers, Hurdle Hanger is made from high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a durable plastic that is widely employed in the manufacture of electronic housings, pipe-fittings, Lego toys, auto parts, and lots more. Unlike single-use plastics, ABS is engineering-grade plastic, easily recyclable, and boasts impressive strength, rigidity, toughness, and temperature and chemical resistance.

Pricing info

Hurdle Hanger is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign has been hugely successful, generating more than $120,000 with 23 days left. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.