SmartMove – Wearable gadget that measures range of movement

SmartMove system by Joint Dynamics allows accurate, quick and paperless recording of joint movement.

Traditionally, researchers, clinicians, and physiotherapists have had to rely on subjective data for joint function assessment. This leaves room for error and leads to inaccurate results. In a bid to solve this problem and potentially improve research and clinical outcomes, Joint Dynamics have developed SmartMove Basic and Spine systems. It allows accurate, quick and paperless recording of joint movement. With SmartMove, testers finally have a reliable source of objective data that can serve as a guide in making clinical decisions.



SmartMove is arguably the world’s most accurate means of measuring Range of Movement (ROM). The device can function as a digital goniometer (an instrument that measures the angle of rotation). It can also work as an inclinometer (an instrument for measuring the angles of tilt, elevation, or depression). Its digital nature ensures it is capable of measuring these important joint function parameters and taking down the readings. This eliminates the possibility of human error from the subject or the tester.

Unassisted Readings

Because the SmartMove is a wearable device, testers can take accurate readings from their subjects without assisting them or introducing any bias. In cases where assistance is required to measure the joint function accurately, SmartMove still does a better job by allowing the tester to focus entirely on aiding the subject through the range of movements. The traditional method of measuring such parameters would require holding the measuring device in one hand, and assisting with the other. Again, this technique leaves room for human error.

Giving you the Smart Edge


It is wonderful enough that SmartMove can measure ROM to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. Moreover, the device supports full integration with iOS. This integration offers numerous advantages such as completely hands-free operation, paperless recording of data, and direct mailing of the report to clinicians and their subjects. The mailing feature gives therapists and physicians the freedom to track their client’s progress from anywhere in the world.

SmartMove Spine System


The SmartMove Spine System is an upgrade on SmartMove. The kit contains two extra sensors that allow accurate assessment of spine and neck kinetics and kinematics. This device is especially useful in instances where the tester has to measure full spinal and neck movement simultaneously. They will line up the four sensors from the lower back to the nape of the neck.

Extra Sensors for Highly Sensitive Testing

Perhaps you need to measure the range of movement of the back/spine to the highest degree of accuracy achievable; you can do so with SmartMove Spine System’s four sensors. Instead of lining the sensors up across the back and neck, you will have to place all four sensors on the back, and the higher resolution would guarantee data that is more accurate. This high degree of accuracy is especially desirable in situations such as scoliosis treatment or monitoring spinal surgeries.

Supplementary accessories

In addition to the extra sensors, the SmartMove Spine System comes with 4 round mounts, 50 Silicon mounting pads, and 200 double-sided sticky pads. The additional accessories allow testers to carry out more extensive tests, multiple times, in order to achieve maximum accuracy obtainable.

Pricing info

The SmartMove products vary in price depending on country being sold due to local taxes and shipping. Solutions can also be tailored to suit larger health providers, insurance companies and rehabilitation clinic chain operators. For more information, visit the official Joint Dynamics website. Joint Dynamics are located in Sydney, Australia.