IsoShaker multi-compartment fitness bottle

IsoShaker's 4-chamber system lets you store supplements, snacks and more.

IsoShaker is a fitness bottle that keeps up with you! It is uniquely designed with your hustle in mind, and is redefining the way you do healthy. Its 4-chamber system is designed to maximize your On-The-Go lifestyle for all-day productivity.

Each of the 4-ounce IsoChambers can store 1.5 scoops of protein or equivalent to 1/2 cup of any other snack or supplement. The top compartment of this fitness bottle holds 18 ounces of liquid. Thanks to the labeling system, you can easily categorize your protein powders, vitamins and snacks for quick access when you’re on the go. With the IsoShaker’s Quicklok technology, you can access all chambers independently by using the bottom unlocking mechanism. It even comes with a collapsible funnel, allowing you to pour powders, snacks, and supplements without making a mess. Made from BPA-Free and Food Grade Approved material, the reusable IsoShaker helps protect the environment by reducing plastic waste from Ziploc baggies, water bottles and Tupperware items. Furthermore, the IsoShaker securely screws to create an airtight seal, so you don’t have to worry about spilling.

How it Works


Simply loosen the bottom compartment with 3 rotations, pop out your IsoChambers, and fill them with your fitness powder using the included collapsible funnel. Snap your IsoChambers back into the bottle, tighten the bottom, and you’re all set.

The ‘IsoShaker’ bottle is a compact, versatile piece of equipment for gym goers that will provide them with the ability to keep all of their essential supplements, drinks and snacks contained in one spot.

The bottle is outfitted with four separate chambers that can be used for storing your protein supplements, snacks, pills or whatever else you need to carry with you. This eliminates the need to carry separate containers to keep everything with you and increase the level of efficiency possible when heading out for a hike or to the gym.

Source: IsoShaker Kickstarter