Mylo electric scooter folds in under a second

Mylo electric scooter takes less than a second to fold up for transit on the train or bus.

The Mylo electric scooter takes less than a second to fold/unfold up to 15 x 20 x 41 in (38 x 51 x 104 cm) for transit on the train or bus, or the trunk of a car, and weighs around 46 lb (21 kg).

Folding mechanism

The rear wheel of the electric scooter folds in between the two front wheels, and the seat comes to rest in the middle of the handlebars. Pim Bicycles says that it’s just as quick to fold out. The compactness and agility of Mylo make it a great last-mile solution. Throw it in your car trunk and ride it to your final destination. It’s ideal for riding from your car to the bus, train stations, school, work, etc.

The Mylo is not a pedal-assist reverse e-trike. Instead, the rider’s feet rest firmly on pegs below the frame while in motion. This means that users will have to ensure the e-scooter’s batteries have sufficient charge before setting off, or they may have to fold up the e-scooter and roll it home mid journey.

A tilting mechanism for the two front wheels offers improved stability while turning.

Mylo comes with a 36V battery located behind the seat and is reported good for 15 miles (24 km) per charge, but an optional second battery extends ride distance up to 30 miles. Mylo carries two batteries on board and uses one at a time. Once you run out of one battery, you engage the fully charged battery by using a simple switch. Each battery provides 10-15 miles of range and charges in about 3 hours.

A top speed of 18 mph (29 km/h) is reported possible from the 350W hub motor at the top level of three available drive modes. A tilting mechanism for the two wheels at the front offers improved stability in the turns. It has front and rear lighting for after hours commutes or to make riders more visible to other road users during daytime travels. Stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc braking.

You can get the Mylo electric scooter for $1,595 from the company’s website.

Updated 2nd July, 2021