Theraposture Rotoflex – Rotating bed for people with limited mobility

At the touch of a button, the Rotoflex will move you from an upright seated to a lying position and vice versa.

Seniors and some people with disabilities experience great difficulty getting in and out of bed. Often, they require the assistance of caregivers. This could put a great deal of emotional, physical, and/or financial strain on them or their families. The Rotoflex from Theraposture is a proven rotating bed that solves this problem. It is an electrically operated adjustable bed that provides assistance getting in and out of bed. With the Rotoflex, you no longer need a caregiver to help put your loved one to sleep or help them up when they wake up.

Design and features

Rotoflex beds come with smooth, quiet, and strong precision German mechanisms. This enables them to rotate and transfer an individual from an upright position into a lying position or vice versa. The beds are sturdy yet comfortable, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, heights, and designs. You could even have them as single beds or a part of a double bed. The rotation controls are easily accessible and are designed to be self-operated. It is the most cost-effective, efficient, and safest alternative to hoisting or caregiver assistance.

Easily adaptable

As mentioned earlier, Rotoflex comes in a wide range of sizes and designs and this makes it the most versatile rotating bed option out there. According to the manufacturers, you can set the bed up to rotate to a specific side, making it compatible with different room situations. There is also a Rotoflex for couples that combines one turning bed and one stationary bed. This is the perfect option for couples with one partner living with restricted mobility.

Powered rising heel support

According to Theraposture, “the Rotoflex is the only rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising foot/heel support to provide full support to the entire elevated leg.” This patented feature is vital for people who need to raise their legs in bed. It eliminates the need for additional loose supports such as pillows and cushions.

Variable height adjustment

Although Rotoflex beds come at different heights to cater for a wide range of people, some of the beds have height adjustment features that make them even better. The variable heights offered facilitate easier standing transfer while assisting caregivers by raising the bed to a safe working height. These features are available alongside the Rotoflex beds’ powered rotation and their ability to independently lift the head and foot ends of the mattress.

Suitable for all

According to the manufacturers, Rotoflex beds have been widely tested and they benefit from more than 20 years of continuous research and development. The wide variety of Rotoflex beds available truly cater for everyone. There is even a bariatric version that can accommodate users weighing up to 250 kg (551 lbs). No matter your height, weight or mobility needs, you can trust that you will find a Rotoflex bed that is just perfect for you.

Pricing info

Updated 31st Jul, 2022: The Rotoflex range of beds is available for purchase on the official Theraposture website. Pricing starts from £9,200 (US$11,200). Manufacturer approved refurbished Rotoflex beds are also available from stock for sale or for rental. Typical prices are from £5950 to £7950, dependent on age.