Human Hoist mechanic’s chair can help you avoid knee and back injuries

The Human Hoist chair will help you avoid knee and back injuries while working on your car.

The Human Hoist mechanic’s chair can lift or lower users to any angle in 10-degree increments. It provides the ergonomic support needed to safely carry out workshop tasks. Just like creepers, this device aims to make work easier and safer for everyone who needs to lie down or bend to do their work, especially car and airplane mechanics. The basic design of creepers, however, pales in comparison with the Human Hoist’s sophisticated features and wide range of applications.

Design and features

Human Hoist has been described as “looking like it’s straight from the future”, thanks to its unique design and robotic appearance. The device can work as both a chair and creeper. The three castor wheels ensure stability and a full range of mobility. Human Hoist can move smoothly in all positions, whether raised, reclined or lowered.

You control the device’s movement using joysticks on each arm. Users can lower their body from a sitting position and raise it back up while moving only their hands. Furthermore, the design of the chair/creeper is ergonomic to make you comfortable while in the sitting and lying position. This greatly relieves the stress on your back as well as other parts of your body while working.

Fully automated and adjustable

In order to accommodate a wide range of users, the Human Hoist is fully automated and adjustable. The automation technology makes it possible to control the device with little or no practice. Moreover, you can adjust the essential joints of the chair/creeper to suit your size and preferences. You’ll be buying a device that can be fully customized to make your work easier and faster.

Hydraulic and torsion-spring powered

Human Hoist boasts a strong and durable torsion-spring that supports users while in the sitting or standing positions. The hydraulic and torsion-spring construction ensures the Human Hoist is flexible enough to bend freely without breaking while ensuring the device is compact and easily adjustable.

Prevents injuries and helps manage disabilities

Human Hoist provides full support to the essential joints of the body while you’re at work. Consequently, it keeps you free from acute as well as long-term cumulative trauma that could make your years as a senior difficult. It can also be of great use as a rehabilitation tool as injured members of the workforce may still remain productive while using the Human Hoist.

With a traditional creeper, this man has to lay awkwardly, with no head support.
With Human Hoist, this man’s head is supported. He is closer to the work and he does NOT have to lay in an awkward position.

Especially useful for mechanics

Although the Human Hoist has a wide range of applications, it is especially useful for mechanics who toil all day in their workshop. Having to position your body to your work eventually tells on the body and a lot of mechanics rely on painkillers to deal with the discomfort in their back, neck, knees, arms, and other joints. With the Human Hoist, you can go about your work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that you have all the ergonomic support you need.

Pricing info

The Human Hoist mechanic’s chair is currently priced around $19,900. Although the price tag may look expensive, the safety and protection it promises make it more than worth it. Moreover, it’s highly durable and comes with a warranty. You can visit the official Human Hoist website to place your order.

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UPDATED: 10th Aug, 2020