BeTriton separates etrike camper into compact, towable amphibious RV

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer
BeTriton introduces a new trailer option to complement its latest 3.0 etrike micro-camper boat. Images courtesy BeTriton

In the world of outdoor adventure, the introduction of innovative equipment often heralds a new era of exploration and comfort. The BeTriton, an amphibious eBike camper trailer, stands as a testament to this evolution in outdoor gear. Born from the original Z-Triton amphibious eTrike camper, which launched and was rebranded as BeTriton in 2022, this product has expanded its family to include a more versatile trailer version.

The genesis of BeTriton

Initially perceived as a creative design project with uncertain market appeal, the BeTriton has proven its worth by evolving from the original Z-Triton. The latest iteration, designed as a trailer, caters to adventurers who prefer a flexible, multi-use solution. This versatility allows it to be attached to personal electric bicycles, enhancing its appeal to a broader audience.

Design and usability

The BeTriton trailer, with a length of 4.5 meters (14.8 feet), surpasses some auto camping trailers in size. However, its construction – a blend of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and glass – ensures it remains lighter than most auto camping trailers, weighing in at 140 kg (309 lb) without marine drive batteries. This weight, although heavier than typical bicycle camping trailers, is justified by its dual-purpose design for both land and water.

The trailer’s design philosophy hinges on flexibility and ease of use. It can be towed using a standard electric bike, making it a convenient addition for those already owning an eBike. This design choice not only enhances familiarity and comfort during rides but also significantly reduces the overall cost by eliminating the need for dedicated bicycle hardware.

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer 3-in-1
An eco-friendly adventure awaits: Cycle to the shore, sail the waters, and slumber under the stars.

Amphibious capabilities

One of the BeTriton’s most distinguishing features is its amphibious nature. At the water’s edge, it transforms into a functional boat, powered by a 2.2-kW electric drive. The single lithium battery pack, with 1.4 kWh capacity, offers an estimated range of up to 12.5 km (7.8 miles), with the option of a dual-battery layout for extended range.

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer Flip-up Wheels Pontoons
Inflatable pontoons and flip-up wheels transform the bike trailer into a boat.

The BeTriton is designed to float up to 260 kg (573 lb) of load, making it suitable for inland and coastal waterways. Its maximum speed is a modest 8 km/h (5 mph). For water navigation, the trailer’s wheels can be flipped up or removed, and inflatable side pontoons are added for stability.

Accommodation and comfort

In terms of accommodation, the BeTriton offers a compact but comfortable space for two, measuring 97 x 210 cm (38 x 83 inches). While a sleeping mat is optional, the trailer is equipped with an aluminum-framed PVC cockpit cover for weather protection. The interior can be arranged with one or two seats, adaptable for both camping and boating modes.

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer Accommodation
The BeTriton trailer is ideal for solo trips but can fit two adults.

Pricing and availability

The BeTriton trailer opened for preorders with a €100 refundable deposit. The pricing starts at €10,550 (approx. US$11,605) for the single-battery base model, and €12,950 (US$14,245) for the dual-battery model with additional features like a sleeping mat, exterior navigation lights, and interior storage organizers. These prices exclude tax and shipping. A boat-trailer model without the camper canopy starts at €9,900 (US$10,890). For context, the BeTriton 3.0 eTrike camper begins at €17,900 (US$19,690). Global deliveries are scheduled to commence in 2024.

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer Protective Weather Cover
The weather cover on the BeTriton offers shelter for overnight stays or during bad weather day trips.


The BeTriton trailer stands out as an innovative solution for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a blend of flexibility, convenience, and adventure. Its amphibious nature, coupled with the ease of attachment to an existing eBike, makes it an attractive option for those seeking to explore both land and water. While the price point may be above average for camping trailers, its unique features and dual-purpose design present a compelling value proposition for the adventurous spirit. As the world of outdoor gear continues to evolve, the BeTriton represents a significant step towards more versatile and enjoyable exploration experiences.

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer Available to Order
Experience biking, boating, and RVing in a novel way.

Source: BeTriton