PhoneCam aims to bring body-cam security to daily life

PhoneCam Miniaturized AI Bodycamera
The PhoneCam draws inspiration from the body cams used by law enforcement and emergency personnel. Images courtesy PhoneCam

In an age where personal security is increasingly a concern, the PhoneCam emerges as a novel solution aimed at enhancing safety in everyday situations. Developed by Belgian electronics firm Slimdesign, this compact device offers a unique blend of portability and functionality, bridging the gap between personal security and non-confrontational monitoring.

The PhoneCam, diminutive in size and comparable to a cigarette lighter, is designed to be conspicuously worn on a jacket or shirt. Its small form factor belies its robust feature set, which includes a 1080p/30fps wide-angle video camera and a microphone, complemented by both 4G/5G and Wi-Fi connectivity. These specifications indicate a careful balance between quality and practicality, ensuring clear video capture without compromising on ease of use.

Operation of the PhoneCam is intuitive, centering around a single button. In a potentially hazardous situation, pressing this button activates the device’s standby mode, signaled by a white LED ring. This visual cue serves a dual purpose: it acts as a deterrent by alerting potential aggressors to the camera’s presence, and it reassures the user of the device’s readiness.

Should the scenario escalate, a second press of the button shifts the PhoneCam into an active state, evident from the LED ring turning red. This triggers the device to begin streaming footage directly to a cloud server, where it is recorded for potential legal or law enforcement use.

PhoneCam Miniaturized AI Bodycamera IP65 Water Resistant
The PhoneCam boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring it can endure low-pressure water jets from any angle with its water-resistant design.

A notable feature of the PhoneCam is its integration with a dedicated smartphone app. Upon activation, the device automatically notifies a pre-selected emergency contact. The app provides this contact with a live audio and video feed from the PhoneCam, displays the user’s location on a map, and facilitates two-way communication between the user and the contact. This comprehensive approach ensures that help is informed and can respond appropriately.

The pricing model for the PhoneCam reflects a commitment to accessibility. Available for preorder at $69, it also offers an optional jacket clip for an additional $39. The subscription model is flexible, offering basic features and up to two alarms per month for free. For users seeking more advanced functionality, a nominal monthly fee of $3.99 unlocks additional capabilities. This pricing strategy makes the PhoneCam an affordable option for those seeking a personal security device without significant financial commitment.

PhoneCam Miniaturized AI Bodycamera App
The app provides live audio/video from the PhoneCam, shows the user’s location, and enables two-way communication.

Source: PhoneCam