Scootility utility e-scooter features a fast-swappable cargo box

Scootility Electric Cargo Scooter
Scootility e-scooter features a fast-swappable 140-liter cargo box. Images courtesy Scootility

Electric scooters, a familiar sight in urban landscapes, are typically seen zipping commuters from one point to another. However, the Scootility e-scooter, currently in its prototype phase, is redefining the role of e-scooters by introducing cargo transportation capabilities. Developed by a Vancouver-based startup, Scootility aims to blend the convenience of electric scooters with the practicality of cargo hauling.

The standout feature of the Scootility is its 140-liter lockable and weatherproof cargo box. This design allows for easy detachment and swapping, facilitating the efficient transfer of goods. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where quick drop-offs and pickups are necessary, minimizing turnaround time. Moreover, the scooter’s versatility is further enhanced by the ability to use different boxes for different purposes. For instance, it can serve as a delivery vehicle for food or packages or even carry first aid equipment for first responders in areas inaccessible to ambulances.

Scootility doesn’t just stop at cargo handling. It boasts a robust set of features including front and rear suspension, with a 16-inch tire at the front and a 13-inch tire at the back. The scooter is equipped with a full LED lighting system and offers a battery range of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) with an optional second deck-mounted swappable lithium battery. Additionally, the top speed of the Scootility will be electronically limited as per local jurisdiction regulations.

The scooter also includes innovative design features such as a fold-out leg rest, which doubles as a storage compartment, and a collapsible steering column for compact storage. These features make the Scootility not only functional but also space-efficient.

Scootility Electric Cargo Scooter Length
About the same length as a typical bicycle, the Scootility e-scooter boasts a compact and agile design, ideal for navigating through city streets.

In comparison to traditional delivery vehicles like cars or vans, the Scootility e-scooter presents a more compact and agile alternative. It’s not only cheaper to operate but can also be parked conveniently on sidewalks, and doesn’t require a driver’s license to operate. When compared to front-loading cargo e-bikes, the Scootility is smaller, easier to ride, less expensive, and has a greater cargo capacity than conventional e-bikes.

Scootility Electric Cargo Scooter Swappable Batteries
The Scootility houses a pair of swappable batteries within its deck for enhanced power.

The Scootility team is currently in the process of raising funds to bring this innovative vehicle to market and is open to inquiries from interested commercial partners. According to Antonio Loro, the founder of Scootility, production is expected to commence 12 months post-funding completion. The initial markets targeted are Europe and North America. The development of the final model is a collaborative effort involving Springtime Design in the Netherlands and Engineering Design Lab in Toronto.

Scootility Electric Cargo Scooter Lockable Cargo Box
The cargo box of the Scootility e-scooter can be securely locked for safety when it is not being attended to.

While the exact pricing of the Scootility e-scooter is yet to be finalized, Loro assures that it will be competitively priced, costing less than half the price of front-loading cargo bikes used in business-to-business applications such as deliveries. This pricing strategy could potentially make the Scootility a game-changer in urban cargo transportation, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses and service providers.

Scootility Electric Cargo Scooter Front Rear Lighting
The Scootility features front and rear lighting for rider visibility and safety.

Source: Scootility