Revolutionizing urban commute: The second generation Taur e-scooter

Taur II Electric Scooter
The Taur II electric scooter's foot platforms are designed to orient the rider in a forward-facing posture. Images © Taur

Since the birth of the electric scooter, the industry has been on a constant quest to innovate and evolve. One company that has redefined the traditional electric scooter is Taur, a London-based start-up. Taur emerged on the scene in 2020 when it launched its first electric road scooter via Kickstarter. It quickly captured the imagination of commuters with its unique design that swapped the conventional deck for foot platforms on either side of a tubular folding frame, promoting a face-forward riding stance. Now, Taur is back with its second-generation e-scooter, the Taur II, bringing more features, variants, and capabilities to the ride.

Since its first successful Kickstarter campaign, Taur has expanded its reach. The company opened operations in Los Angeles and is now set to ship the Taur II to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and across continental Europe.

The Taur II builds on the innovative design of its predecessor. The second-generation scooter boasts larger, wider wheels shod in 12.5-inch Unilli puncture-resistant tires. It also features a longer wheelbase and introduces two model variants. The standard model carries a 26-mile (~42 km) battery while the Plus version steps up to offer a range of 39 miles (~63 km) per charge.

Every Taur II rider enjoys a 500-W rear-hub motor that propels the scooter to a top speed of 24 mph (39 km/h). The scooter’s speed will be limited based on the country of shipment, but users have the option to unlock this feature via the Taur app. The Taur II employs regenerative braking at the back, supplemented by a hydraulic disc brake at the front.

Taur II Electric Scooter Features
The Taur II electric scooter debuts with an extended battery life, larger, robust tires, and a handlebar fixture designed to hold a smartphone operating its accompanying app.

Adding to the rider experience, the Taur II includes a trigger throttle, manual cruise control, and a simple LED status array mid-handlebar to display battery level. There’s also a Quad Lock phone mount for a smartphone running the Taur app, serving as a digital dashboard and navigation tool. It also provides onboard GPS for tracking the scooter, a feature facilitated by the FindMy network.

Safety has also been prioritized in the Taur II design. The scooter comes with an integrated 300-lumen Cree headlight and an 80-lumen brake/tail-light. Additionally, projection lighting illuminates the rider’s back, and there are 200-lumen turn signals.

Taur II Electric Scooter Tires
Rolling resilient: Taur II’s robust 12.5-inch puncture-resistant tires.

Despite its impressive feature set, the Taur II remains portable. Its powder-coated aluminum frame folds for easy storage or carrying, and it weighs 43 lb (19.5 kg), while the Plus variant is slightly heavier.

Interestingly, while owning and riding an electric scooter is currently not legal in the UK, Taur has promised to cover any fines incurred by UK customers who ride a Taur II.

The Taur II is presently securing funding through a Kickstarter campaign. For those interested, pledges start at US$995. Despite the inherent risks of crowdfunding, shipping is estimated to begin in May 2024, should the campaign meet its goals successfully.

Taur II Electric Scooter Folds Vertical Storage
The Taur II folds effortlessly and stands upright for easy storage post-ride.

Source: Taur