Electrically expandable pickup camper morphs into hard-walled cabin

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper
The Cube Series Camper: Light, spacious and fully deployed for camping.

Camping enthusiasts have long sought the delicate balance between being one with nature and enjoying modern comforts. The next generation of Recreational Vehicles (RVs), particularly the canvas-free Cube Series Camper, ushers in a new era for the outdoor enthusiast, promising an enriched camping experience.

Constructed for convenience and effortless usage, the Cube Series Camper blends cutting-edge technology with robust materials, providing users with a lightweight, waterproof and versatile vehicle. Its frame comprises insulated, vacuum-bonded infused resin and fiberglass, reinforced with aluminum and steel – a cocktail of materials ensuring a tough, waterproof, and well-insulated abode.

This game-changing RV embodies innovation, right from its construction to its ease of storage. Despite being a hard-sided pop-up camper, the Cube Series Camper’s compact design allows it to fit into most garages while still loaded on the pick-up truck. Gone are the days of expensive add-on truck camper tie-down brackets and turnbuckles. The Cube Series Camper employs a quick-load inside bed anchor system that leverages the factory tie-down systems already present on most trucks.

In terms of weight, the Cube Series Camper sets a benchmark for its competitors. Depending on the chosen model, it flaunts a dry weight between 1,206 to 1,750 lbs. It is designed to fit on the bed of most sub-compact pick-ups, including popular models like the Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and can comfortably adapt to almost all full-size pick-ups. Its innovative tie-down system, which uses the factory tie-down rings inside the pickup bed, eliminates the need for costly external tie-down systems.

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper Weight
As light as 1206 lbs, yet robust in design – redefining portable comfort in outdoor adventure.

However, the marvel of this camper doesn’t stop at its lightweight, robust construction and versatility. The Cube Series Camper is designed with a user-friendly, ergonomic aesthetic that complements your outdoor adventures. With a collapsed height of 52″, this camper maintains an extremely low profile. Its unique jack system can be positioned horizontally to increase ground clearance around the truck, unlocking the potential for camping in places that might have been previously unfeasible with a different RV.

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper Interior
Interior view of the Cube Series Camper.

Delving deeper into the Cube Series Camper’s specifics, it is a pop-up model with solid walls (no canvas), boasting a base weight of 1206 lbs. With a width and length of 88″, an interior height of 78″, a collapsed height of 52″, and an open height of 92″, it offers ample space. The camper’s water and fuel capacities include 21 gallons for fresh water, 10 gallons for grey water, and a capacity for a 2 1/2 gallon cassette toilet if equipped. It also houses a 5-gallon LPG capacity, an 18,000 BTU furnace, and a 1.7-gallon (12-volt) water heater. It’s designed to be used throughout all four seasons.

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper Bed
The Cube Series Camper’s opposing dinette transforms into a spacious 75” sleeper.

Standard equipment on the Cube Series Camper is extensive, covering construction, interior and exterior features, and a suite of convenience and safety features. Standouts include an ultra-light 100% aluminum basement structure, a 100% aluminum cabinetry, thermo foil countertops, and a two-burner range/sink with a glass top. The camper also features a 12-volt LED lighting system, a 16,000 BTU forced air furnace, and a 30 amp AC/DC battery charger, among other essentials.

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper Kitchen
The kitchen area of the Cube Series Camper features a two-burner range, sink with a sleek glass top.

Options and extras for customization are plentiful as well, offering three solid exterior colors, multi-color options, a 1.7 cubic ft 110V electric refrigerator, a 1.0 cubic ft built-in microwave, and a 12V AGM Battery. There are also offerings like a 500-watt military-grade solar panel with a solar controller and a 360 AH Lithium Off Grid System with a 2000 watt inverter/charger, 500 watts solar and battery monitor system.

To conclude, the Cube Series Camper brings a new dimension to the camping experience, elegantly balancing outdoor ruggedness with indoor comforts and conveniences. With a starting price of $43,509, this innovative camper provides an affordable ticket to the surreal outdoor adventure that awaits.

Cube Series Expanding Pickup Camper Storage Toilet
The Cube Series Camper features ample storage compartments, and a practical, compact cassette toilet.

Source: Cube Series