All-terrain inflatable fun board designed to bounce, propel, float and sled

Inflatable Outdoor Adventure Board
Pair the Adventure Board with a sprinkler to create a fun-filled slip and slide experience. Images © Adventure Board

The Colorado-based company, Adventure Board, is looking to revolutionize outdoor recreational activities with its rugged all-terrain board, designed to provide endless entertainment for all age groups. This versatile outdoor equipment aims to offer thrills and relaxation throughout the year, regardless of whether it is used in the simplicity of a backyard or the ruggedness of backcountry wilderness.

The inception of this inventive product stemmed from Joey Delmore, the founder of Adventure Board, who noticed a gap in the market for outdoor play equipment suitable for children living in apartments or complexes with no backyards or with restrictions on trampolines. Delmore, with his extensive experience selling children’s backyard play equipment, decided to partner with a paddleboard manufacturer to create an innovative solution. The focus was on developing an inflatable mat akin to air tracks used for gymnastics but with added versatility.

The prototypes produced, made from paddleboard-grade drop-stitch construction, were unexpectedly durable, prompting Delmore to elevate the product from a simple inflatable backyard bounce board to the all-encompassing Adventure Board.

The Adventure Board, as the name suggests, is equipped for a multitude of outdoor adventures. Not only does it function as a bouncing mat for gymnastics and general play, but it can also serve as a floating lounge or on-water trampoline. Despite not being the most streamlined model, it can be used as a paddleboard. On dry land, it transforms into a fun slide, while during winter, it becomes a sled on snow-covered hills. Interestingly, it also doubles as an inflatable mattress for camping or daytime naps, and can even be used as a BMX or mountain bike ramp.

Inflatable Outdoor Adventure Board Sled
Taking on the sledding slope with a uniquely thrilling alternative.

Despite its versatile usage, concerns about the wear and tear of the product have been addressed by Adventure Board. The company is confident in the product’s durability due to its drop-stitch construction and offers a five-year warranty.

The Adventure Board debuted at the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, creating a buzz among attendees. It is available in 10-, 16-, and 23-foot (3-, 5-, and 7-meter) lengths, with a weight range of 35 to 65 lb (16 to 29.5 kg). For easy transportation and storage, the boards can be deflated and rolled up, taking approximately 10 to 20 minutes to reinflate.

Inflatable Outdoor Adventure Board Tug of War
The Adventure Board serves as a stage for a spirited round of doubles tug-of-war on the water.

As for pricing, the 10-foot model retails for US$799 and comes with a hand pump, though an electric pump is optional. The 16-foot model costs $1,099, while the 23-foot model is priced at $1,399, both of which include an electric pump.

With its multitude of potential uses and robust construction, the Adventure Board proves that some toys indeed have more potential than others. Check out the video below to see the Advneture Board in action:

Source: Adventure Board