Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is a year-round adventure companion

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer
Swap the wheels for skis on the Genimax HR trailer to effortlessly transition from trail adventures to winter escapades. Images courtesy Genimax Trailers

The Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, offering a versatile, compact solution for all seasons. Built to be towed by passenger cars, ATVs, or snowmobiles, this lightweight trailer easily transitions from a road-ready hauler to a winter-ready conveyance by swapping its wheels for skis. This adaptability makes the HR an ideal choice for adventurers who pursue their hobbies regardless of weather conditions, ensuring they have a dependable base camp wherever they go.

Manufactured in Quebec by Genimax, a company distinct from the similarly named generator manufacturer, the HR model was developed to fill a niche in the market for affordable, all-season recreational trailers. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, it caters to those seeking a practical, robust camping option without the bulk and expense of larger RVs.

The trailer measures just 8.7 feet (2.7 meters) in length and 60 inches (152 cm) in width, dimensions that enhance its maneuverability and ease of handling in rugged terrains. The HR’s design focuses on maximizing utility and durability. Its frame is made entirely of aluminum, avoiding the pitfalls of wood such as rotting and warping. Composite panels are glued and triple-sealed, creating a watertight enclosure that stands up to the elements.

At its core, the HR serves as a simple cargo box weighing only 375 pounds (170 kg), but it is capable of much more. Each trailer includes a rear and side drawer, each able to carry up to 200 pounds (91 kg), making it a solid base for transporting gear. Its versatility is further enhanced with a robust 1,200-pound (544-kg) off-road suspension system, devoid of traditional axles, which supports an 825-pound (374-kg) payload. This setup allows for significant customization according to the user’s needs.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Fully Setup
Fully equipped, the HR transforms into a complete base camp featuring an awning-covered kitchen, rooftop tent, and a solar-powered electrical system.

For those who wish to enhance their outdoor experience, Genimax offers a range of optional add-ons. The integrated options transform the HR into a comfortable mobile campsite, featuring a 200-pound-rated roof rack with a two-person rooftop tent, kitchen amenities including sink counters, a marine battery with an inverter and solar panel, and a retractable awning for extended living space. Additional mountable options include a hand shower, propane tank, and fuel can.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Side Tracks
Optional side tracks on the HR allow for easy attachment of a propane tank, water container, jerry can, and other essentials.

Winter modifications are where the HR truly shines. The trailer’s wheels can be replaced with specially designed skis, making it a perfect snowmobile companion. This conversion narrows the trailer’s width to 48 inches (122 cm), allowing it to glide over snow with ease. To combat the cold, a diesel heater is available among the accessory options, providing much-needed warmth in freezing conditions.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer ATV OHV
The Genimax HR is specifically designed for ATV enthusiasts and off-highway vehicle riders.

The accessory list also includes 20-L and 35-L electric fridge boxes, a portable toilet complete with a pop-up privacy tent, a butane stove, a portable lithium power station, and various carriers and racks designed for specific gear types. These additions ensure that every adventure, whether in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, is comfortable and well-supported.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Width
At a narrow 60 inches wide, the Genimax HR easily navigates tight trails behind compact vehicles.

Pricing for the HR starts at CA$8,495 (approximately US$6,188) for the basic model, with fully outfitted versions reaching around CA$13,246 (US$9,648). The ski attachment alone is an additional CA$809 (US$590), offering a cost-effective way to extend the utility of the trailer into the winter months.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Kitchen
The Genimax HR’s optional kitchen setup features distinct sink and countertop areas, a 10-L water canister, and choices of a butane stove and fridge.

In summary, the Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is a flexible, durable option for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore nature’s wonders throughout the year. With its extensive list of features and add-ons, it meets the varying demands of different seasons and activities, making it a smart investment for those who value adventure and the freedom to roam.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Front Storage Box
The optional front box adds 160 liters of additional storage space to enhance capacity.

Source: Genimax Trailers