Solar powered hard-sided carbon fiber roof top camper

Redtail Overland Hard Sided Roof Top Camper
The Redtail Overland RTC is a high-tech, carbon fiber, hard-sided rooftop camper with a full electrical system and heater. Images © Redtail Overland

A couple in Colorado started a company called Redtail Overland and are working on a next-level rooftop camper known as the Redtail RTC. The current products on the market are flimsy, a pain to set up, and untrustworthy during storms. If Redtail Overland can produce a new type of rooftop camping experience that’s more secure and high-tech, it could change the industry standard. But no matter how large of a splash the product makes in the market, it’s undeniably a unique design worth checking out.

The story behind the product

Redtail Overland started when Ty and Annie Tatro began envisioning the perfect rooftop camping experience for their family. They wanted something that would offer security but be lightweight and still feel like you were sleeping in nature. None of the brands they tried checked all the boxes, so they took matters into their own hands.

Ty and Annie both have an extensive background working for an overland vehicles company called EarthRoamer. They gathered their knowledge and started working on a design for their dream rooftop camper. Combining all the great features they found on other products, Ty and Annie believe they have come up with a setup that is unlike anything else on the market.

What makes it stand out?

The Redtail RTC is a rooftop camper made of carbon fiber that is quick and easy to set up and break down. Traditional rooftop campers use soft canvas materials that don’t protect people from the elements and cannot be used in areas with bears (bear territory requires hard walls for protection). With a carbon fiber exterior, Overland Redtail was able to insulate the camper and include a ceiling vent to help combat extreme weather conditions.

Redtail Overland Hard-Sided RTC Carbon Fiber
The design has rigid walls made from carbon fiber.

Ty and Annie wanted the security of a strong, durable product but didn’t want to sacrifice the feeling of sleeping outdoors. Their solution was to design the carbon fiber walls in a way that they could open so that campers had a view of the nature around them. In addition, the front of the camper has a large sliding window that is shatterproof and can be opened or removed.

Inside the Redtail RTC, the couple equipped it with a queen or full-size mattress, depending on the size of the camper. LED lighting can be found on the interior and exterior, and there are even outlets and a power bank that are powered by the solar panels on the outside of the roof top camper.

Redtail Overland Hard-Sided RTC LED Lighting
LED lighting inside and outside.

The roof top camper offers a hatch in the floor, which enables access from the vehicle interior — if your vehicle has a sunroof, that is.

When the trip is over and it’s time to pack up, the camper can be broken down in just a few seconds. Traditional roof campers can be a pain in the neck to pack up, but that won’t be a problem anymore.

Redtail Overland RTC Inside Access
The Redtail Overland RTC offers access from the vehicle interior — if your vehicle has a sunroof, that is.

Pricing and availability

Redtail Overland has not announced a release date, but interested buyers can join the mailing list for the latest information, which is on the company’s website. Although pricing has also not been provided, the company has suggested that the Redtail RTC will cost between $10,000 and $30,000.

Source: Redtail Overland