Kimberley Kube: A teardrop camper for the adventurous soul

Kimberley Kube Off-road Teardrop Camper
Kimberley unveils an eye-catching, panoramic take on the versatile teardrop trailer, designed for adventure seekers. Images courtesy Kimberley Kampers

For three decades, Kimberley Kampers has been a distinguished name in the Australian caravan and camping trailer industry, known for its innovative designs that combine rugged durability with visual appeal. The company’s latest offering, the Kimberley Kube, marks a significant departure from its traditional family-sized trailers to a more compact, teardrop variant. This move brings the essence of luxury and toughness into a smaller, more manageable package ideal for adventurers who wish to explore the remote and rugged terrains of Australia and beyond.

The Kube stands out not just for its size but for its design philosophy, blending Kimberley’s signature futuristic aesthetics with the practical demands of off-road travel. It shares the clean, space-agey aesthetic of its predecessors, like the Kimberley Kruiser and the Karavan, both of which have set high standards in the caravan market with their unique designs and robust features. However, the Kube introduces a fresh take on the classic teardrop camper, offering a blend of luxury, convenience, and durability.

At the heart of the Kube’s design is its rectangular profile, a departure from the conventional rounded teardrop shape. This design choice not only gives the Kube a distinctive look but also optimizes interior space. The camper’s body is constructed from a molded thermoplastic-composite shell and features a floor made from 100-percent recycled ArmaPET plastic.

These materials are mounted on a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, ensuring the Kube’s resilience against the elements and rough terrains. The inclusion of 16-inch steel wheels, custom air springs, off-road racing mono-tube shocks, and hydraulic override disc brakes underlines Kimberley’s commitment to producing a trailer that can handle the most challenging outdoor conditions.

Kimberley Kube Offroad Teardrop Camper Design
Kimberley merges a “cube” shaped upper structure with a narrowing lower body and a teardrop-esque curved front-end.

The Kube’s interior is equally impressive, designed to maximize comfort and functionality within its 17-foot length. Unlike many teardrop trailers that feature a rear galley, the Kube incorporates an indoor refrigerator and an expandable pull-out kitchen, thus freeing up interior space for a more spacious and comfortable living area. The king-size bed, positioned within a panoramic mini-greenhouse, offers 270-degree views through large windows and an overhead skylight, providing an immersive outdoor experience without leaving the comfort of the camper.

Kimberley Kube Off-road Teardrop Camper King-size Bed
The Kimberley Kube features a luxurious king-sized bed, offering unparalleled comfort and panoramic views in a compact, adventure-ready design.


Further enhancing the Kube’s appeal is the array of features designed for practicality and convenience. The slide-out outdoor kitchen, equipped with a dual-burner stove, sink, and storage, extends the living space outdoors, while the Webasto diesel water heater ensures hot water is available for both the kitchen faucet and outdoor shower. For those seeking a more self-contained setup, an optional ensuite shower/toilet tent is available, alongside a 200-Ah lithium battery, LED lighting, and ample storage options to cater to all camping needs.

Kimberley Kube Off-road Teardrop Camper Slide-out Kitchen
Kimberley maximizes the Kube’s interior space by eschewing a tailgate galley for an expansive, awning-covered slide-out cooking area.

Pricing for the Kimberley Kube starts at AU$68,525 (approximately US$45,070), including GST, with a plethora of optional features available for customization. While Kimberley has established distribution in the United States for several of its models, plans for a US-bound Kube have not been announced at the time of writing. However, the company’s track record and the interest generated by its launch suggest it may only be a matter of time before the Kube finds its way to international markets.

Kimberley Kube Off-road Teardrop Camper Awning
Kimberley claims the trailer can be set up in just three minutes with the awning, or even quicker for bed access or awning-free meal prep.

Source: Kimberley Kampers