IcePro Trailer: A game-changer for ice fishing enthusiasts

IcePro Fiberglass Trailer Ice Fishing Hut
The IcePro features a manual winch axle mechanism that lowers its base to meet the ice, facilitating easy drilling and fishing directly from the floor. Images courtesy IcePro

In the realm of outdoor adventure, the introduction of the IcePro trailer marks a significant milestone for ice fishing aficionados and winter sports enthusiasts alike. This new teardrop-inspired trailer, crafted to endure the harshest of North American winters, blends the functionality of a toy hauler with the cozy comfort of an ice fishing hut. Its innovative design and construction set it apart from traditional ice houses, offering a unique solution for those looking to brave icy terrains in comfort and style.

Unlike the typical boxy and cumbersome ice houses prevalent in the market, the IcePro distinguishes itself with its sleek fiberglass construction and compact trailer sizing. Measuring 17 feet in length and boasting a height of 9.5 feet, it offers ample interior space, including 6.8 feet of headroom, making it suitable for individuals of various heights to stand comfortably inside. This versatile trailer not only serves as a mobile fishing hut but also doubles as a toy hauler, capable of transporting ATVs and other equipment necessary for winter expeditions.

The IcePro’s functionality is further enhanced by its unique axle system, which allows the trailer to lower over a foot to ice level, facilitating easy access for drilling fishing holes directly through the floor. This feature, combined with the trailer’s hardwalled construction, provides an optimal ice fishing experience, allowing users to enjoy their sport in air-heated comfort away from the biting cold.

Constructed with a focus on durability and insulation, the IcePro utilizes fiberglass for its body and molded-plastic for the interior, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy structure that promises effective on-ice insulation.

IcePro Fiberglass Camper Trailer Design
IcePro distinguishes itself with its fiberglass build and a design reminiscent of a camper, setting it apart from conventional ice fishing shelters.

The inclusion of insulated acrylic windows and a robust 25,000-BTU ducted LPG furnace ensures a warm and comfortable environment, even in sub-zero temperatures. The trailer is designed to accommodate two 20-lb LPG tanks and features an electrical system complete with interior and exterior lighting, as well as various outlets to cater to all electrical needs.

While the IcePro is not outfitted for overnight stays, it offers considerable amenities to enhance the ice fishing experience. These include a cushioned bench, countertop cabinet, overhead cabinets, and under-bench storage, along with a four-speaker Bluetooth radio for entertainment.

IcePro Fiberglass Trailer Ice Fishing Hut Inside
Within, the IcePro trailer merges the utility of a garage/fish hut, featuring a bench, a countertop, various cabinets, a stereo, and multiple fishing holes with detachable covers.

Additional options such as a 32-inch smart TV, swivel captain’s chairs, generator models, and a Garmin Livescope fish finder system are available for those looking to customize their trailer further.

The practical design extends to the trailer’s exterior, which includes ramps for rear loading through the double doors and a large front storage box, ensuring easy transportation of equipment and gear. Weighing 1,800 lbs with a payload capacity of 1,200 lbs, the IcePro is built for convenience, enabling owners to tow their adventure gear to their destination and then use an ATV for final placement on the ice.

IcePro Trailer ATV Towing
The IcePro trailer is designed to transport the ATV overland, before being towed by it across the icy terrain.

Launched in January, the IcePro trailer is available at a base price of US$24,995. Manufactured in Backus, Minnesota, a region renowned for its vibrant ice fishing culture, the trailer is a testament to local craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Situated in the heart of the Land of 10,000 (frozen) Lakes, the company’s location underscores its commitment to providing innovative solutions for ice fishing and winter outdoor activities.

IcePro Trailer Toy-Hauling
IcePro trailer in toy-hauling mode.

Source: IcePro Trailers