Enduro’s SuperTourer: The ultimate off-road camper for adventurers

Enduro SuperTourer Truck Camper
The Enduro Campers SuperTourer is an ultralight expedition cabin built for extreme off-road use. Images © Enduro Campers

Enduro Campers, a California-based company, has created a truck camper to compete with adventure vans, which have recently become popular in the US RV market. According to the RV Industry Association, camper van sales have increased by 23% year over year, and truck campers by 16%, the only two segments in the RV industry to see growth in 2022. Enduro Campers aims to capitalize on this trend by introducing a pop-top truck camper called the SuperTourer, which is constructed of ultralight composite material to showcase the base truck’s off-road abilities.

Enduro Campers has focused on using composite sandwich panels to create a durable, lightweight, and well-insulated off-road camper module. By bonding thin fiberglass sheets to a structural foam core using a two-party epoxy, Enduro Campers creates foam-core panels, which are then jointed together with high-strength adhesives to build out the load-bearing camper shell. This method results in a camper shell that is both strong and lightweight.

The SuperTourer has been designed to be lighter and more compact than other camper shells on the market. Enduro Campers boasts that its strength-to-weight ratio is superior to common aluminum or molded fiberglass constructions, and that its campers are built to withstand a lifetime of use and abuse. The SuperTourer is 600 pounds to start, making it lighter than many slide-in pickup bed campers and technically light enough for a midsize truck. However, once the interior is fitted with furniture and equipment, the camper can weigh between 1,000 and 1,400 pounds, depending on the options chosen, which can quickly overload a midsize truck.

Enduro Campers has chosen to focus on the full-size pickup market, mounting the SuperTourer directly onto the truck frame with isolation bushings or onto a flatbed. The camper can be fitted to a trio of truck options with 6.5-foot beds: the 2022+ Toyota Tundra, 2015+ Ford F-150/250/350, and 2019+ Ram 2500/3500. The SuperTourer measures 162 inches from the front of the alcove to the rear wall, with the main body taking up 101 inches of that length.

Enduro SuperTourer Kitchen Lounge Bed
Enduro Campers offers the SuperTourer as a shell or a full camper with kitchen, multipurpose lounge area and bed.

Enduro Campers offers a long list of options to fully equip the SuperTourer from an empty shell, which costs $32,975. The camper can be transformed into an off-grid motorhome for $85,000. The basic shell includes a spacious 80 x 68-inch alcove sleeping platform, and Enduro Campers can supply a premium mattress. The available kitchen stretches the length of the rear wall and includes an induction cooktop, sink fed by a 98-L water tank, and a 130-L Isotherm fridge. The Lagun table is highly flexible and works with the sofa bench just below the alcove to create a space for dining, games, and laptop work.

Enduro SuperTourer Truck Camper Build
The SuperTourer truck build.

There are several electrical options available, including up to 600 Ah of lithium power, a 2,000-W inverter, a 230-W solar charging system, and a Redarc power management system. Other features include several air and water heater options, an outdoor shower, an awning, LED lighting, an integrated backup cam, and a dry-flush or composting toilet. Onboard storage options include a full-width exterior pass-through cabinet, exterior storage boxes, rear MOLLE mounting panels, and Rotopax canister mounts.

Enduro is targeting potential buyers who are interested in adventure vans such as Winnebago Revel or Jayco Terrain. With a price tag of $85,000 for a fully-equipped camper and $65,000 for a pickup truck with desirable options, customers can have a high-performing off-road camper for approximately $150,000. Although it may not have the spaciousness and luxury amenities of a full camper van, such as an indoor wet bathroom, the SuperTourer offers rugged and versatile trail capabilities that enable it to venture deeper into the wilderness than a traditional van. While Enduro plans to offer turn-key trucks in the future, for now, customers need to bring their own trucks to the company’s facility in San Luis Obispo, CA, for camper installation.

Source: Enduro Campers