ARB Earth Camper: A blend of toughness and luxury

ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer
The ARB Earth exo-frame camper trailer blazes trails to remote escapades. Images © ARB

In the rugged terrain of Australia, camper trailers need to be built tough. The land down under, with its unpredictable terrains and unpredictable climates, demands nothing less than heavy machinery-grade toughness from its outdoor adventure gear. This is where ARB, a leader in camping components and accessories, introduces its Earth Camper – a camper trailer that combines strength, versatility, and luxury.

A glimpse into ARB’s legacy

ARB is no novice when it comes to outdoor adventure equipment. With a track record spanning 48 years, ARB has provided quality components and gear for camping and overlanding. However, the 15.4-foot Earth is their first actual camping trailer. Why the delay for such a trusted brand? ARB wanted to ensure that its first towable RV lived up to its esteemed reputation. The Earth Camper, a product of seven years of rigorous design and engineering since its conception in 2016, stands testament to ARB’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Sturdiness by design

One of the most eye-catching features of the Earth Camper is its unique exo-frame design. This isn’t just for aesthetics – the patented, one-piece mandrel-bent steel-tube frame offers unrivaled strength. Unlike the common rectangular-tube steel structures which might have potential weak spots at corners, ARB’s design is primed for intense off-roading experiences. The triple-coated steel, combined with an embossing process, snugly fits with the wood-free body, ensuring durability and protection against the elements.

Luxurious interiors and functional exteriors

Beneath its robust, boulder-like fiberglass shell, the Earth Camper offers a touch of luxury. The foam-insulated shell features a folding-rear hatch design. With the push of a button, the hatch folds down in under a minute, revealing a spacious tented area. The trailer also caters to those on-the-move by allowing quick access without the need to pitch the tent.

ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Rack Solar Panel
The Earth camper boasts an ARB BASE rack and is equipped with a 120-W solar panel.

Inside the shell, campers are treated to a 6-inch queen-size foam mattress, surrounded by windows at the head. The absence of an overhead skylight is made up for by a creatively etched globe map on the ceiling. The cabin also boasts a pair of 12-V fans, interior lighting, a Redarc command screen, and USB-C chargers next to the bed.

Outside, a flip-out dining table offers campers a sheltered spot for meals. Additionally, ARB’s Slide Kitchen creates an expansive outdoor cooking space equipped with a three-burner stove and sink. Adjacent to this is ARB’s 96-L Zero dual-zone fridge/freezer, ensuring cold storage is within arm’s reach.

ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Rear Hatch
The ARB Earth camper trailer’s rear hatch opens automatically at the push of a button.

ARB doesn’t stop there. A 180-degree awning, dual 70-L water tanks, a 120-W solar panel, and a 100-Ah lithium battery further augment the Earth Camper’s impressive features. Plus, the rooftop sports ARB’s super-modular BASE rack, increasing cargo capacity.

Pricing and additional options

Weighing in at 3,251 lb and offering a payload of 937 lb, the Earth Camper is robust yet manageable. Its all-terrain Maxxis Razr tires are complemented by an innovative trailing arm suspension, perfectly integrated with the trailer’s chassis.

ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Dining
The rear hard-floor tent is designed to function as a dining space.

Introduced in July, the base price of the Earth Camper is AU$74,500, which is roughly US$47,730. For those looking to enhance their camping experience, ARB offers options like an auxiliary side tent, a Webasto diesel cabin heater, a Joolca hot water/shower system, and an onboard air compressor.

ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Slide Kitchen
Unlike most kitchens using sink and stove lids as counters, ARB’s Slide Kitchen boasts a meter-long stainless steel worktop.
ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Hot Outdoor Shower Kit
Upgrade your ARB Earth Camper with an optional Joolca hot water/shower system for outdoor refreshment.
ARB Earth Exo-Frame Camper Trailer Interior Bed
ARB Earth Camper’s interior houses a queen-size 6-inch foam mattress with an etched globe map ceiling touch.

Source: ARB