Lámpago electric trike: A blend of vintage design and modern mobility

Lampago Electric Trike
Lámpago's electric tri-scooter offers cozy seating for duo, hits 25 km/h, and journeys 50 km on a single charge. Images © Lámpago

Turkey-based Lámpago has made its maiden entry into the electric vehicle arena, unveiling a vehicle that seems to cater to the urban adventurer with an eye for nostalgia. Merging the convenience of an urban e-trike with a design reminiscent of vintage micro-cars, this new electric trike offers more than just a ride.

A resurgence in micro-mobility solutions for navigating congested urban environments and making eco-friendly local commutes has been evident in recent times. Lámpago’s offering captures the essence of the retro-modern aesthetic showcased in vehicles like the Microlino. Add to that a touch of electric scooting prowess and the stability offered by three wheels, and you have a vehicle that’s as much about style as it is about function.

Contrary to what its aesthetic might suggest, the Lámpago electric trike doesn’t come with pedals. It rather operates like a moped in European contexts, potentially necessitating an appropriate permit. With a 1,000-W motor, it can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). Given its 1,800-Wh battery capacity, one can expect a range between 30 to 50 km (18.6 – 31 miles) for every three-hour charge. This makes it ideal not just for brief city rides but also for leisurely drives in holiday locales, say a breezy trip along the beach.

Despite its compact appearance, the Lámpago electric trike boasts a sturdy build. It can comfortably carry a weight of up to 200 kg (440 lb), accommodating both a driver and a passenger. Its sporty 10-inch alloy wheels, equipped with 3-inch tires, ensure a smooth ride. Furthermore, a spare tire finds its place at the back, underscoring the vehicle’s practicality. As for braking, a disc brake adorns the front while drum brakes are installed at the rear.

Lampago Electric Trike Fabric and Body Color Options
Choose your style: Lámpago’s e-trike comes in diverse body and fabric hues.

In terms of features, the trike houses a digital dashboard on its motorcycle-style handlebar. An analog clock graces the dashboard, and a distinctive LED headlight emerges from the hood. The Lámpago trike also comes with a collection of branded accessories, including an umbrella, a thermos flask, and a key holder.

Lampago Electric Trike Forest Green Color
The Lámpago features a single retro-styled door, sporty alloy wheels and LED lighting, and is powered by a 1,000W motor, 30Ah battery.

For those considering a purchase, the Lámpago electric trike is available in a variety of body and fabric colors. It can be procured from Turkey’s Jura Store at a price of TRY 199,000. For enthusiasts outside Turkey, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, the starting export price is estimated at US$10,860.

Lampago Electric Trike Lake Cyan Color
Lámpago: Perfect for city rides, quick store visits, and beachfront tourist treks.

Source: Lámpago