Microlino Lite: Adorable electric micro-car for urban mobility

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car
The Microlino Lite electric micro-car rolls into series production with its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Images courtesy Microlino AG

In recent times, the urban mobility landscape has seen an intriguing evolution with the rise of electric micro-cars, designed to cater to the needs of city dwellers seeking sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Among these innovative vehicles, the Microlino EV bubble car stands out, especially with its latest offering – the Microlino Lite.

This new variant, which combines charm with functionality, is capturing attention for its unique proposition: it’s so tiny and easy to use that no driving license is required in certain regions, making it accessible to a broader audience, including younger e-mobility enthusiasts.

The Microlino Lite made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, a nod to the event where the first Microlino model was unveiled back in 2016. Despite facing production challenges, the company has successfully revamped the modern Isetta with a complete design overhaul, leading to the production of the first vehicles in 2022. With distribution deals across several European countries, including Belgium, Greece, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, the Microlino Lite is now poised for an early summer rollout in the Northern Hemisphere.

The vehicle retains the adorable aesthetics of its predecessor but is specifically aimed at individuals without a driving license, including teens as young as 14 in countries like France and Italy, where only a moped permit is required. Classified as an L6e vehicle in Europe, it boasts a modest top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), ensuring a safe and legal ride for its target demographic.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Colors
The Microlino Lite comes in two colors: Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite Matt.

Merlin Ouboter, co-founder of Microlino, emphasized the vehicle’s role in broadening the reach of sustainable mobility solutions, especially among those seeking protection from the weather without the need for a driver’s license. The Microlino Lite features a 6-kW motor with a peak output of 9 kW and offers a standard lithium-ion battery capable of covering around 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge. For those desiring more range, an optional 11-kWh battery extends this to up to 180 km per charge. Charging is convenient, with the standard battery reaching 80% capacity in just two hours using a Type 2 charger, though the larger battery will require double the time.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Sunroof
The Microlino Lite is equipped with a sunroof to offer a convertible-like experience during the summer months.

Construction-wise, the Microlino Lite doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s built from high-strength steel with an automotive-grade steel/aluminum skin, ensuring durability and safety. The dimensions and weight make it nimble and easy to navigate through urban environments. Inside, it accommodates a driver and passenger, with entry through the front.

The interior is minimalistic yet functional, featuring a digital instrument cluster, climate controls, a smartphone mounting bar, USB ports for device charging, and a heater to keep occupants warm. The rear window also comes with its own heater, and there’s ample storage space in the 230-liter trunk for travel essentials or shopping.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Dashboard
The minimalist dashboard features a digital instrument panel, climate control settings, and a dedicated bar for securing a smartphone.

Available in Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, the Microlino Lite is marketed with an attractive entry-level price of CHF 149 per month, approximately US$169. While there’s no mention of availability beyond Europe, this pricing makes the Microlino Lite an appealing option for those looking to embrace electric mobility without breaking the bank.

In summary, the Microlino Lite represents a significant step forward in making sustainable urban mobility more accessible. Its combination of adorable design, practical features, and affordability makes it a compelling choice for city dwellers, particularly younger individuals and those without a driving license, who are eager to explore the benefits of electric vehicles.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car No License
In Europe, the Microlino Lite operates under L6e classification with a maximum speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), potentially exempting some drivers from needing a license.

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