Bend Teardrop unveils the Tall Boy: A spacious high-rise teardrop trailer

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer
The Tall Boy trailer features a 68"x24" entry door with a screen door for airflow and convenience, plus lighted fold-out steps for safe, easy access. Images courtesy Bend Teardrop

In the realm of compact travel trailers, Bend Teardrop, an Oregon-based RV manufacturer, is making waves with its innovative approach to design and space utilization. Known for its larger-than-life teardrop trailers, the company has introduced the Tall Boy, a high-roof model that elevates the camping experience for families and groups.

This new model builds on the foundation of Bend Teardrop’s 6 x 12-ft trailers, renowned for their spacious interiors, by adding significant height to create a standing-height base camp that comfortably accommodates four people.

The Tall Boy distinguishes itself with an aluminum-skinned body that extends to 8.3 feet in height, positioned on the same 6 x 12-ft steel ‘overland’ chassis that supports Bend’s extended family teardrop. This results in a trailer measuring 17.4 feet in length, offering ample room without the need for complicated conversions.

The enhanced roof height transforms the trailer into a versatile space that serves as a mobile lounge, a functional chuckwagon, and a cozy sleeping area, all without the need for rearranging its layout. Upon entry through the 5.8-foot-tall door, campers are welcomed into a cabin featuring a sofa lounge opposite the doorway, providing a comfortable seating area. This innovative design eliminates the need to repurpose a bed for daytime use.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Sleeping Area
The standard sleep configuration includes a 70.5”x54” rear bed and two 70”x26” bunks, with the upper bunk doubling as a couch backrest.

When night falls, the sofa’s backrest flips up, converting the space into two bunk beds measuring 70 x 26 inches each. The main sleeping area, located at the rear, offers a 71 x 54-inch bed, with alternative floor plans available, including one with a super-queen bed measuring 71 x 80 inches.

Bend Teardrop ensures the interior remains airy and well-lit, incorporating a tinted screened slider window on each sidewall, two driver-side porthole windows, and a tall vertical door window.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Storage
Under the bottom bunk, there are large partitioned drawers, storage cubbies, and a 70.5”x24” storage area under the back bed for larger items.

The trailer also features the classic teardrop tailgate galley, which Bend presents as an open space for customization, equipped with a countertop, sink basin, storage, and LED lighting, leaving the addition of appliances like stoves or fridges to the owner’s discretion.

The Tall Boy is loaded with extra features that are often considered optional in other models. These include a 200-W rooftop solar system, a 2-in hitch receiver, a brake system, AC shore power hookup, and rear stabilizer jacks. Despite its considerable size, the trailer maintains a dry weight just below 2,000 lb, making it towable by a wide range of vehicles.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Galley
Tall Boy trailer’s galley offers ample storage and workspace, letting owners customize their cooking and cleaning setup.

The Tall Boy is available for order now starting at a price of US$18,995. Additional options available for customization include a shore water hookup with kitchen faucet, a 19-L fridge box, an onboard battery system and inverter, heating and A/C, and a side-mounted exterior awning. This pricing structure allows buyers to tailor the trailer to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Towing
With its over 8-foot stature, the Bend Tall Boy typically towers above tow vehicles, like the 6.3-foot-tall 2024 Jeep Wagoneer.

Source: Bend Teardrop