Coast Model 1 travel trailer takes the American road trip off-grid

Coast Model 1 Electric Travel Trailer
Production of the Coast Model 1 has officially commenced, and orders are now being accepted. Images © Coast RV

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, it’s no wonder that the recreational vehicle (RV) industry is also undergoing significant changes. Tennessee-based Aero Build is at the forefront of this shift with the introduction of the Coast Model 1, its new travel trailer that blends luxury and self-sufficiency. Described as the “Tesla of campers,” the Coast Model 1 marks a departure from the conventional gas-guzzling RV, offering a thoroughly modern and eco-friendly alternative.

The Origin Story

Initially, Aero Build concentrated on selling small trailers designed for business use. However, with the launch of the Coast Model 1, the company has branched out into the retail travel trailer market. Subsequently, Aero Build spun off Coast as its own separate brand, while continuing its commercial operations. Production for the Coast Model 1 has officially begun at the company’s Nashville manufacturing facility, according to CEO and founder Brian Fuentes.

Reinventing the Off-Grid Experience

Traditional off-grid trailers have been designed with a utilitarian focus, aiming to provide rugged and simplistic solutions for remote camping. The Coast Model 1, however, joins contemporaries like Living Vehicle and Bowlus in transforming the concept of off-grid living. Instead of a bare-bones experience, the 21-foot (6.4-m) trailer promises a comfortable, residential-like atmosphere. You can take it far away from traditional campgrounds and still enjoy the comforts of modern living.

Powering Up the Eco-Friendly Way

At the core of the Coast Model 1 is a high-capacity power system consisting of a lithium-ion battery bank made up of three 270-Ah batteries, which total 810 Ah. This power bank is responsible for running all the onboard equipment and can be charged via a 1,400-W solar panel array mounted on the trailer’s roof. Twin 3,000-W inverters convert the stored energy for use in AC appliances and outlets, eliminating the need for fossil fuels like LPG.

Coast Model 1 Electric Travel Trailer Camping Off-Grid
Experience luxury while camping off-grid with the Coast Model 1. Its solar-powered 810 Ah battery bank and 1,400-W solar panel array offer modern conveniences far from civilization.

Modern Conveniences Onboard

The all-electric nature of the Model 1 makes for a cozy living experience, complete with a Smeg ceramic cooktop, a microwave, and a built-in 278-L fridge. Entertainment isn’t compromised either, thanks to dual 32-inch Samsung smart TVs coupled with a Sony sound bar and subwoofer.

Coast Model 1 Electric Travel Trailer Bedroom
One of the smart TVs is situated in the bedroom, which also features windows that offer scenic views of nature.

The Smart Home on Wheels

Besides its green power, the Model 1 is equipped with an advanced touchscreen-based command system. Through this system and a linked mobile app, users can control various functions like climate control, lighting, and even the outdoor awning. For those worried about staying connected in the great outdoors, the Model 1 is also Starlink-ready, ensuring internet access across the globe.

Living Arrangements and Storage

The trailer sleeps four, featuring a rear master bedroom and a convertible front dinette. The ensuite bathroom, which is part of the bedroom, includes a Kohler Awaken shower head and a Laveo dry flush toilet. The vanity sink is situated just outside the main bathroom. Moreover, Coast Model 1 has increased its fresh water storage capacity from 151 to 227 liters and matches it with an equal gray water storage.

Coast Model 1 Electric Travel Trailer Dining Area
The dining area in the Coast Model 1 transforms into a double bed at night.

Climate Control and Insulation

To ensure a comfortable stay in varying climates, the trailer includes a 13,500-BTU air conditioner and dual 500-W heaters. An insulation package featuring Havelock wool adds to the overall comfort, making this composite trailer body apt for all seasons.

Pricing Information

Despite transitioning from pre-production to production, the price for the Coast Model 1 has remained unchanged at US$124,900. The estimated weight of the trailer is under 6,000 lb (2,722 kg).

Coast Model 1 Electric Travel Trailer Weight
Weighing in at under 6,000 lb, the Coast Model 1 is best towed by a truck or a similarly capable vehicle.

Source: Coast RV