TWIKE 5 three-wheeled EV has side-stick steering, customizable speed, and range

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle
Charge your battery and your health simultaneously in the TWIKE. With its Human Power Hybrid system, pedal-assisted driving doesn't just extend your range—it's your daily dose of fitness, too. Images © Twike

Automotive technology has largely adhered to the normative designs — steering wheels for cars and handlebars for bicycles — until now. The introduction of the TWIKE 5, a unique three-wheeled electric scooter, has added a new chapter to this narrative with its ergonomic side-stick steering system, customizable speed, and range options.

Rethinking Conventional Steering Systems

The innovative concept of TWIKE 5 was unveiled in Rosenthal, Germany, on May 10, 2023. The vehicle, a “Human Power Hybrid,” combines an electric motor with pedal-assistance to offer an entirely new kind of mobility solution. Such an unconventional design inherently demanded that the conventional steering systems be re-evaluated. The result is a side-stick steering system that serves as a significant milestone in the history of both the vehicle and the broader automotive landscape.

Milestones and Mechanical Innovation

TWIKE 5’s new steering system is not just a departure from tradition; it’s a technological innovation. Developed after questioning and rethinking the efficacy of single-lever joystick controls, the system features two interconnected levers that control the front steering axle mechanically. According to Martin Möscheid, Managing Director of TWIKE GmbH, the new steering system is poised to improve the “connection between the pilot and the vehicle,” enhancing both safety and comfort levels.

A Focus on Speed and Range

TWIKE 5’s versatility extends beyond its steering system to its speed and range capabilities. It provides various battery size options, allowing users to customize their vehicle’s performance. With the smallest battery size, the TWIKE 5 can achieve a commendable speed of about 130 km/h while providing a range of more than 250 km. If you opt for the maximum battery size, the vehicle’s performance goes up a notch, offering speeds exceeding 190 km/h and a staggering range of over 500 km.

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Battery Options
Choose your range and speed with TWIKE 5’s customizable battery options—go up to 130 km/h with a 250 km range or supercharge to 190 km/h and 500 km range.

Ease of Use: From Functionality to Ergonomics

TWIKE 5’s side-stick steering system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. While it does permit one-handed operation, it is most effective when operated with both hands. This design makes it easier for drivers accustomed to traditional steering wheels to transition to the TWIKE 5. Moreover, the steering system’s ergonomic design supports a stable seating position, crucial during sporty drives, uneven terrains, or potentially hazardous conditions.

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Side-Stick Steering
TWIKE 5’s ergonomic side-stick steering aims to enhance safety, comfort, and the connection between pilot and vehicle.

Quality Meets Sustainability

The components of the TWIKE 5 steering system are sourced from large-scale automotive production, thereby ensuring high standards of quality and safety. Additionally, the company’s manufacturing facility in Rosenthal demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability, qualities that are increasingly becoming significant criteria for modern consumers.

Pre-Orders and Community Financing

One of the intriguing aspects of the TWIKE 5 is its unique financing model. The production is largely funded by the TWIKE community, highlighting the collaborative nature of this venture. Limited to a series of 500 vehicles, the company is accepting pre-orders based on an online ranking system influenced by the level of down payment. Those who miss out on the TWIKE 5 due to their ranking can automatically become early pre-orders for the subsequent TWIKE 6.

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Doors
Experience easy access and enhanced aerodynamics with TWIKE 5’s uniquely designed gull-wing doors.

Pricing Implications

The recommended retail price range for the TWIKE 5 has been set between 39,900 euros and 49,900 euros. This pricing strategy aligns with the vehicle’s premium features, including its innovative side-stick steering system and customizable battery options that influence both speed and range. Given that the production is limited to a series of 500 vehicles, the price range reflects the exclusivity and cutting-edge technology embedded in each unit.

Concluding Thoughts

The TWIKE 5 is not just another electric vehicle in the market; it’s a trailblazer in redefining how we perceive steering systems, speed, and range in automotive design. Its innovative features promise to set new standards in what is possible in the realm of sustainable and efficient mobility. As the world increasingly looks towards greener and more innovative transportation solutions, the TWIKE 5 stands as a fascinating glimpse into the future of mobility, offering a driving experience that is as intuitive as it is groundbreaking.

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Parking
Small footprint, big advantage: TWIKE 5’s compact design ensures parking is a breeze.

In its holistic design philosophy, customizable performance features, and community-backed financing model, the TWIKE 5 encapsulates the aspirations of modern, sustainable, and connected mobility. It beckons us to not just watch but participate in the rewriting of the rules of the road. With its myriad of features and its daring rethinking of established norms, the TWIKE 5 is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement on the future of transportation.

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Side View
Three’s not a crowd: TWIKE 5’s tri-wheel design enhances stability while offering a unique driving experience.

Source: Twike