Life Cube’s versatile inflatable tent for truck, ground and water

Life Cube Inflatable Tent for Truck Ground Water
Experience ultimate versatility with the Life Cube LC-8 tent: camp atop your truck, on solid ground, or float peacefully on water. Images courtesy Life Cube

In the dynamic world of outdoor camping, the introduction of innovative and versatile equipment is always welcome. One such innovation is the “Best Truck Tent” or the LC-8, developed by Life Cube Inc. of California. This tent represents a harmonious blend of truck, tent, and boat camping, offering a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Life Cube’s evolution and the LC-12

Life Cube, established in 2006, initially concentrated on creating rugged, air-drop grade emergency shelters. Known for their hard- and soft-walled solutions, their most notable product has been the LC-12. This self-contained shipping container doubles as a temporary shelter, useful for disaster relief, military operations, and various outdoor events.

The LC-12 features a 12 x 12-foot (3.7 x 3.7-m) floor and a 12-foot-high structure, providing ample space for various needs. Although primarily aimed at tactical and emergency applications, Life Cube recognized its potential for recreational use, suggesting its utility for campers, hunters, and anglers.

Despite its versatility, the LC-12’s price point of $25,000, given its military-ready specifications, potentially limited its appeal to a broader recreational market. This realization led Life Cube to develop a more consumer-friendly product.

Life Cube LC-12 Emergency Shelter
The Life Cube LC-12 emergency shelter, shown here in deployed and packaged form.

Introducing the Best Truck Tent (LC-8)

The LC-8, also marketed as the “Best Truck Tent,” is a significant departure from the LC-12’s more robust design. This inflatable tent is designed for more casual use, easily transportable in two carry bags that fit in a car trunk, pickup bed, or SUV load area. Weighing under 100 lb (45 kg), the LC-8 is manageable for one or two people to carry.

Life Cube LC-8 Packed
Effortlessly portable, the Life Cube LC-8 neatly packs into your car trunk, ready for your next adventure.

The LC-8’s setup is impressively efficient, taking an estimated 10 minutes with a 12-V inflator. Its dimensions, an 8 x 7-foot (2.4 x 2.1-m) floor and a 6.5-foot-high (2-m) ceiling, provide ample space. Unique to the LC-8 is its large-diameter air tubes, offering robustness not commonly found in inflatable tents, and a roof capable of handling snow loads.

Versatility: Ground, Truck, and Water

One of the LC-8’s standout features is its adaptability. It can be pitched on the ground or mounted on a pickup truck bed, with its inflated base providing a stable platform. This design allows for cargo to remain in the truck bed during use. Additionally, the LC-8 can be used as a floating base camp on a lake, or its base can be detached for use as a sundeck on the water.

Life Cube LC-8 on-water camping
The LC-8 offers an on-water camping option.

Comparatively, the LC-8 sets itself apart from other rooftop tents (RTTs) and non-floating inflatable vehicle tents by its ability to camp atop the pickup bed and not the roof. Its capacity to accommodate six people also distinguishes it from most other RTTs.

Market Launch and Pricing

Life Cube launched the LC-8 at the Overland Expo tour this year. Priced at $2,750, it falls on the higher end of the market, comparable to rooftop tents and floating tents. Its large size and military-grade design make it an appealing option for those seeking a multi-purpose, durable camping solution.


The Life Cube LC-8 tent is a testament to innovation in the camping equipment industry. It provides a unique combination of versatility, convenience, and durability. While the price point is higher than average inflatable tents, its multi-functional design justifies the investment for serious outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile camping solution that can transition seamlessly from ground to vehicle to water.

Life Cube LC-8 Lightweight
Lightweight at just under 100 lbs, the Life Cube LC-8 is easily carried, making setup a breeze.

Whether you’re a camper, hunter, angler, or just someone who loves the great outdoors, the LC-8 offers a unique experience that combines the comfort of a micro-cabin with the adventure of the wild.

Source: Life Cube