VanMe Bobo modular camper trailer transforms for camping and cargo needs

VanMe Bobo Modular Camper Trailer
Equip with a rooftop tent and some side accessories, and your utility trailer becomes a comprehensive base camp. Images © VanMe

As the camping and outdoor recreation world constantly evolves, the demand for versatility is on the rise. German camper giant, VanMe, known for their stylish camper vans, recently introduced a game-changer in the camping trailer realm.

The Bobo is VanMe’s latest offering: a boxy cargo trailer which is nothing short of a transformer. Unlike most trailers with fixed interiors, the Bobo comes as a blank slate. The trailer’s interior can be customized with VanMe’s specially designed camping slides, boxes, and drawers. But the magic doesn’t stop there. The VanMe Bobo is fitted with external tie-down tracks for accessories and a top rack designed to carry additional cargo or a rooftop tent. At the end of an adventure-filled weekend, all these components can be swiftly removed, transforming the Bobo back into a regular cargo trailer for weekday tasks.

The base design starts with an 873-lb (396-kg) trailer that showcases off-road tires neatly tucked below step-on fenders. VanMe has prioritized ease of access by providing a full-size swinging tailgate on the rear wall. Plus, the hinged roof can be effortlessly lifted with gas struts, allowing for the transport of taller items. With a payload of 1,323 lb (600 kg), the VanMe Bobo is robust enough for most cargo needs.

The pricing is competitive for such a versatile offering. The basic 10.1-ft (3.1-m) trailer is priced at €4,969 (approximately $5,300), while its bigger sibling, the 12.5-ft (3.8-m) XL model, comes in at €7,049 ($7,520).

For enthusiasts who desire to morph their Bobo into an expansive camper, VanMe has introduced five interior modules that fit seamlessly. The first module is a slide-out kitchen box. This box, in conjunction with the drop-down door on the trailer’s side, offers a spacious platform for outdoor cooking. Although buyers will need to outfit it with their own cooking essentials, there’s ample storage for kitchenware and provisions.

VanMe Bobo Modular Camper Trailer 5 Modules
To transform the Bobo into an expansive camper, VanMe designed five modules that mount and stack inside.

The second module, sitting atop the kitchen box, is all about power. It acts as a custom-built power station boasting a 100-Ah lithium battery and is accompanied by a Victron inverter/charger, a 20-A charging booster, shore power connectivity, electrical outlets, and adaptable lighting. This power block can be accessed from outside, making it convenient for powering kitchen tools.

VanMe Bobo Modular Camper Trailer Module 2
Module 2: A custom-built power hub for the Bobo, complete with a 100-Ah lithium battery, Victron inverter/charger, and accessible outdoor outlets.

Modules 3 to 5 further enhance storage capabilities. Module 3, dubbed the “underground parking garage”, is a cage-like structure mounted on the trailer floor, designed to hold luggage or other camping gear. Modules 4 and 5 focus on water and refrigeration. The former houses two 20-L water canisters, while the latter is tailored for a 50-L fridge/freezer and either a portable grill or a typical European storage box.

The brilliance of these modules is their ease of installation and removal. They secure swiftly to the trailer and can be just as easily removed, making it hassle-free to switch between camper and cargo modes.

VanMe Bobo Modular Camper Trailer Module 5
Module 5 is a slide-out designed to house a 50-L fridge/freezer and either a portable grill or a standard European storage box.

For those considering overnight trips, an additional Airhome Maggiolina hardshell rooftop tent can be attached. This provides a spacious 51 x 91-in (130 x 230-cm) sleeping area. And for added convenience, a deployable shower room with a dry separating toilet can be opted for.

The Bobo’s unparalleled modularity sets it apart from competitors like the Blackcamp Freeda. Even its exterior can be modified with a myriad of accessories like tables, bottle holders, and speaker mounts, thanks to the external tie-down track.

For buyers looking at the complete package, VanMe offers the Bobo (base version) with all five modules for €11,999 ($12,805). The larger XL model is priced at €13,499 ($14,405). Add-ons include the Maggiolina tent for €3,793, a €389 side awning, a €699 roof vent, and a €599 200-W solar charging system.

VanMe Bobo Modular Camper Trailer Meal Preparation
The Bobo trailer offers the layout and structure for crafting a fine dining experience.

In conclusion, for those seeking the ultimate in modularity, the VanMe Bobo offers the perfect blend of camper and cargo functionalities, providing unmatched flexibility for both leisure and work purposes.

Source: VanMe