Innova Roadtrip 595L: European yacht-inspired camper van makes its American debut

Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van
Innova transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 144 into a lavish yacht-like camper van, now introduced to the US by Caleche Customs. Image © Caleche Customs

For Americans with an appetite for European-style camper vans, the offerings are becoming increasingly diversified. Joining the lineup is the Roadtrip 595L from Dutch manufacturer Innova, which promises a luxurious sea-inspired experience on wheels. The move comes via Las Vegas-based Calèche Customs, the same company that previously made headlines for bringing the Unicamp Kia Carnivale pop-top to American soil.

Unique design elements

The Innova Roadtrip has captivated audiences at German camper shows with its unconventional interior aesthetic. Unlike many camper vans that utilize straight lines and angular designs, Innova’s creation takes a different course. Inspired by yacht architecture, the Roadtrip features a rounded floor plan and yacht-deck-style flooring. The design ethos goes further with the incorporation of rounded furnishings and softened edges, presenting an aesthetically pleasing contrast to industry norms.

Comfort and functionality

The rear lounge is perhaps the most eye-catching feature. Designed with a U-shaped sofa centered around an oval table, it perfectly encapsulates Innova’s rounded aesthetic. The table is not merely a design element; it drops down to complete a Froli-sprung double bed with a cold-foam mattress, ensuring that the camper van does not compromise on comfort.

Adjacent to the lounge is the well-equipped kitchen block, located on the passenger side. It houses a three-burner Thetford stove, an 80-liter fridge, and a sink. On the opposite, the driver’s side, there is a wet bathroom complete with a shower, sink, and a Dometic chemical toilet.

Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Dining
Innova features a rounded rear dining area layout. Image © Innova

Technological features

For the tech-savvy, the Roadtrip is outfitted with a Victron electrical system that comes with a 110-Ah AGM battery. There is also an option for a lithium upgrade, a battery monitor, and a pop-out power strip that retracts when not in use. The available Victron solar package and a 1,600-W inverter ensure that you are never short on power. As for water storage, the van is equipped with 86-liter fresh and 96-liter waste tanks.

Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Kitchen
The Roadtrip’s kitchen features a triangular three-burner stove, an 80-liter fridge, and a round sink.

Built on a reliable foundation

The Roadtrip 595L is constructed on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144, providing options for both rear-wheel drive (RWD) and optional all-wheel drive (AWD).

Pricing and optional add-ons

Starting at $199,000, the Roadtrip 595L does demand a premium investment. Additional features can add to the expense; options include a Fiamma awning, Webasto heater, outdoor shower, and waterless toilet.

Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Rear
Rear view of the Innova Roadtrip camper van.

For those willing to invest in a luxurious and uniquely designed camper van, the Innova Roadtrip 595L offers an amalgamation of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic innovation. While it is not for budget-conscious buyers, the Roadtrip certainly brings a slice of European opulence and innovation to the American camper van market.

Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Dinner in Bed
Enjoy a cozy meal from the comfort of Innova’s U-shaped rear lounge bed.
Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Interior
Interior of the Innova Roadtrip 595L.
Innova Roadtrip 595L Yacht-Inspired Camper Van Sunrise
Witness the dawn’s first light from the cozy embrace of the U-shaped rear lounge bed, making each morning a memorable event.

Source: Calèche Customs