Olympian Model 01: A blend of classic design and modern EV technology

Olympian Model 01 Electric Car
The Olympian Model 01 masterfully fuses vintage elegance with cutting-edge electric technology, offering a unique driving experience. Images courtesy Olympian Motors

In an era where electric vehicles (EVs) are synonymous with futuristic designs, Olympian Motors presents a refreshing twist with its Model 01. Hailing from New York, the car manufacturer combines old-time elegance with contemporary technology, creating a unique proposition in the EV market.

The Olympian Model 01 diverges from the typical EV design ethos, steering away from a futuristic look to embrace a classic aesthetic. This four-door, four-passenger, rear-wheel-drive sedan is a standout with its military-grade carbon fiber and titanium body. Notably, the vehicle is built on a Super Board “skateboard chassis” provided by U Power Tech, a Chinese electric mobility company, which forms the foundation of this remarkable car.

Performance-wise, the Model 01 is equipped with a 310-hp (228-kW) motor, producing 305 lb-ft (414 Nm) of torque. This powerful setup enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds. Moreover, it boasts an impressive top speed of 160 mph (257 km/h), although driving at such speeds is generally impractical for everyday use.

When it comes to range, the Model 01 does not disappoint. It houses a 400V/82-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, capable of delivering approximately 305 miles (491 km) on a single charge, a substantial range for an electric sedan.

Olympian Model 01 Electric Car Interior
The interior of the Olympian Model 01 features a clean, minimalist design, emphasizing luxury with sustainably sourced materials and a reduced button layout.

The interior of the Model 01 is where the classic charm truly shines. Olympian Motors has meticulously selected “sustainably and responsibly sourced” materials such as exotic woods, steel, cashmere, and silk to craft the cabin, providing a luxurious and timeless feel. However, the car does not compromise on modernity.

In a bold move, Olympian Motors has eliminated 80% of the traditional buttons and switches. Instead, the Model 01 integrates a Heads-Up Display (HUD) on the windshield and a sophisticated voice-command system. This system governs various functions, including the infotainment system, climate control, seat adjustments, lighting, and more.

Olympian Model 01 Electric Car Color Options
Over 50 color options are available for the Olympian Model 01.

Safety is also a priority for the Model 01, with up to nine airbags included for passenger protection. Additionally, all windows and the roof canopy feature laminated glass, enhancing both safety and cabin quietness.

Interested buyers from the US, Canada, and China can now place a refundable deposit of $500 for the initial Founders Edition of the Model 01. This special edition is priced at $80,000. Olympian Motors has announced that test-drive events will commence in various American cities starting April, with the first deliveries of the Founders Edition expected in May.

Olympian Model 01 Electric Car Safety Features
The Olympian Model 01 ensures top-tier safety with up to nine airbags and all-around laminated glass for enhanced protection.

The Olympian Model 01 represents a harmonious blend of vintage style and modern EV technology, potentially appealing to a niche yet growing segment of car enthusiasts who yearn for a touch of the past combined with the advancements of the future.

Source: Olympian Motors