Multi-purpose autonomous delivery vehicle features teleoperation functionality

Clevon 1 Autonomous Robot Carrier
Clevon 1 has a modular design, so you can apply and adapt different business models to offer diverse services. Images © Clevon

Clevon is a company best known for designing autonomous vehicles made to run on streets rather than sidewalks. The company has recently launched its Clevon 1 platform, designed for the delivery of products.

Who is Clevon?

Clevon was originally branched out of an Estonian automated logistics provider named Cleveron. The new company has started its expansion into the US market. In Europe, their products have been zooming the city streets since around 2020.

What is the Clevon 1?

The Clevon 1 has a developed software that has been tested in order to simulate real traffic issues as well as various different weather conditions. The vehicle is similar to the delivery bots you may have seen on college campuses in recent years but is a bit larger and also runs with zero-emissions.

How does the platform work?

The electric Clevon 1 uses a technologically advanced combo of both cameras and radar, similar to that of Tesla, in order to track both mapping and guiding data. There is zero need for a driver, the only human intervention needed for the product is one teleoperator. According to the company website, one teleoperator can monitor up to 10 vehicles at once which helps drastically reduce delivery costs.

Clevon 1 Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Fleet
Fleet of Clevon 1 autonomous robotic carriers.

Efficient features of the Clevon 1

The Clevon 1 has multiple different features that make it unique. Firstly, its self-proclaimed sensor suite includes a 360 degree camera and radar that are able to capture the surroundings of the vehicle, in order to predict accidents. The Clevon 1 is conveniently able to handle both smaller grocery deliveries as well as larger appliances.

Building the Clevon 1 with the specific goal of only transporting miscellaneous goods and equipment, the company was able to build a vehicle that is “…5 times lighter and more efficient than the average van.” Even with this lightweight, the load capacity of the vehicle is up to 100 kilograms or 225 pounds. In addition to this, the driving range is around 80 kilometers or 50 miles per charge.

Clevon 1 Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Groceries
Clevon says that their platform vehicle can deliver a wide variety of goods ranging from groceries to bigger-sized appliances.

Controlling the Clevon 1

Teleoperators of the Clevon 1 have complete control of the vehicle which increases the safety of the product. Teleoperators are able to keep an eye on all sides of the autonomous vehicle, as the view of both the side and back view mirrors are both easily watchable. The live view of the vehicles travels are streamed with a quick 4G connection, enabling the teleoperator to have real time quick actions. In addition to this, all teleoperators are required to pass regulated exams in accordance with legislative standards. Another plus of the product is that it allows teleoperators to work remotely, as the control station can be set up anywhere that has a stable and reliable internet connection.

Clevon 1 Control Station Teleoperator
Clevon mentions that without the need for a dedicated driver, one teleoperator can monitor a fleet of 10 vehicles simultaneously.

Next steps

The Clevon 1 is available for purchase through the company’s website, although you can’t purchase it directly. In order to purchase the autonomous vehicle as well as its telecommunications products, you will need to contact Clevon to know if it’s the right fit for your company.

Source: Clevon