MAKA laser measure integrates stud finder, thermal imager, cross laser level and more

MAKA All-in-one Pro Laser Measure
The MAKA Pro Measure is an all-in-one home renovation tool equipped with a laser measure, stud finder, thermal camera, moisture gauge, and voltage meter, designed to simplify your DIY projects. Images © Kickstarter/MAKA

For the DIY home renovator or the maintenance aficionado, carrying a myriad of tools can be cumbersome and inefficient. However, the MAKA Pro Measure offers a solution to this problem by consolidating multiple essential tools into a single, pocket-sized device. Just slightly larger than a GoPro, this gadget is designed to replace an entire toolbox, offering an all-in-one solution for anyone who is passionate about home improvement and interior design.

Key Features and Functions

The MAKA Pro Measure encompasses a range of functions designed to streamline your home renovation tasks. It features a laser measure that can calculate distances, areas, and volumes within seconds, even providing Pythagorean measurements for quick diagonals. This laser function is not just for measuring; it also acts as a guide for aligning décor such as paintings, shelves, and fixtures, making it a dual-purpose tool.

Additionally, the device has a built-in stud finder. But unlike conventional stud finders that only beep upon detection, the MAKA visually indicates what it locates behind your wall or drywall, differentiating between studs, metal reinforcement beams, and wires. The device’s sensor can identify as many as nine different materials up to depths of 100 mm (around 4 inches). The center-alignment feature further assists in pinpointing the location of these hidden items within your walls.

But the utility of the MAKA Pro Measure doesn’t stop there. The device also has a built-in moisture meter with pop-out electrodes that measure the moisture level in walls and can detect AC current in electrical outlets.

MAKA All-in-one Pro Laser Measure Stud Finder
Unlike conventional detectors, MAKA Pro Measure visually indicates what’s behind your wall—be it studs, metal beams, or wiring—up to depths of 4 inches.

Thermal Imaging Capabilities

One of the standout features of the MAKA Pro Measure is its add-on thermal imaging camera. This module attaches to the side of the device and can detect temperatures ranging from -20°C to 1000°C. With five viewing modes, from regular to infrared thermal vision, this feature allows you to inspect your home’s insulation, identify energy-inefficient areas, and even spot overheating appliances. The thermal imaging camera comes with built-in storage that can capture up to 52 photos for future reference.

MAKA All-in-one Pro Laser Measure Thermal Imager
The MAKA Pro Measure’s thermal camera detects temperatures from -20°C to 1000°C, offers five viewing modes, and stores 52 photos to help you spot energy inefficiencies and hot spots.

Usability and Battery Life

Designed with both a touchscreen display and physical controls, the MAKA Pro Measure is accessible even for those new to DIY renovation tasks. The interface is intuitive, aimed at decluttering your workspace by replacing larger, conventional tools. Furthermore, a 1000mAh built-in battery ensures that you can continue using the device through extended renovation processes. Charging is simple, with a Type-C port for when the battery eventually runs dry.

MAKA All-in-one Pro Laser Measure Moisture Meter
Featuring pop-out electrodes, the MAKA Pro measures wall moisture and can even detect AC current in electrical outlets.

Pricing Information

The MAKA Pro Measure is presently on Kickstarter, and has collected over US$155,000 so far, with 35 days to go before the campaign ends. It offers different packages to suit varied needs. For those interested in just the device, it starts at a discounted price of $149. If you wish to benefit from the full range of features, including the thermal imaging camera, a tripod, and a soft-shell carrying case, a combo kit is available for $279.

In summary, the MAKA Pro Measure serves as a comprehensive tool for any DIY interior enthusiast, bringing together a wide array of functions in a singular, handheld device. With its numerous capabilities and reasonable pricing, this gadget seems well-positioned to become a staple in the world of home improvement and maintenance.

MAKA All-in-one Pro Laser Measure Cross Laser Level
Achieve perfect alignment with the MAKA Pro Measure’s cross laser level. Ideal for hanging paintings, installing shelves, or mounting fixtures.

Source: Kickstarter