“Bike on Tracks”: The ingenious experimentation with wheel-less bicycles

The Q Bike on Tracks
The 'Bike on Tracks' by The Q: A unique bicycle design replacing traditional wheels with tank-like treaded tracks.

Bicycles, as we know them, have been around since the early 19th century. But every so often, there comes an innovation that tries to challenge our perceptions of what a bicycle can be. One such recent endeavor is from YouTube engineer ‘The Q’ – Sergii Gordieiev. Known for his love of experimenting with the physics of wheels, Sergii has now introduced a bicycle that completely eschews traditional round wheels.

Instead of wheels, the “Bike on Tracks” uses treaded tracks, similar to what you might find on tanks. In a radical departure from previous models, this bike’s chain is attached to a flywheel, and the “wheels” do not rotate at all. Instead, the tracks move when the rider pedals, propelling the bicycle forward.

This audacious idea is further emphasized by the bicycle’s design. The track strips are set at striking angles, which undeniably make the bike an attention magnet. However, these unconventional “wheels” come with their own set of unique characteristics. The bicycle’s speed is on the slower side, and the tracks can be quite noisy when in motion. Yet, they provide more stability than the traditional round wheels.

How exactly does it work? In essence, the design can be likened to a tank’s movement mechanism, with the rotating wheel belts propelling the bicycle. To optimize this structure, The Q incorporated an additional gear which connects the pedals to the apex of the rear wheel. Additionally, to ensure stability, the tracks are securely fixed at two specific points. This ensures that the tracks maintain their distinct angular orientation throughout the ride.

The Q Bike on Tracks Rear Wheel Gear
A gear connects the pedals to the apex of the rear tread.

The “Bike on Tracks” certainly got the digital realm buzzing. Fans took to YouTube to express their views. While some pointed out potential enhancements, like the suggestion to place the tracks on bogies for better ground conformity, others expressed excitement about its tank-like design. Queries about the bike’s ability to turn and remarks about its suitability for smooth surfaces were also among the reactions. And for those who questioned its practicality, there’s a reminder in the video description: this creation is meant purely for fun, not as a solution to any specific problem.

The Q Bike on Tracks Smooth Surface
Fans on YouTube have questioned the bike’s turning and surface abilities, but The Q emphasizes it’s all ‘just for fun’.

In a world filled with innovations, the “Bike on Tracks” reminds us that sometimes, the pure joy of creation is an end in itself, even if it challenges conventional wisdom.

The Q Bike on Tracks Just for Fun
While it lacks traditional wheels, the ‘Bike on Tracks’ is a head-turner on the streets.

Source: The Q