Airstream’s Trade Wind is a bold venture into off-grid luxury travel trailers

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer
The Airstream Trade Wind, where luxury meets off-grid capability, offers an unparalleled travel experience with its state-of-the-art amenities and robust design. Images © Airstream

The world of luxury travel trailers has long been dominated by a few major players. One name that has stood out over the years for its iconic aluminum designs and high-quality construction is Airstream. With the introduction of the Trade Wind travel trailer, Airstream not only keeps its tradition of crafting beautiful, museum-grade retro-modern campers alive but also dives headfirst into the rapidly growing off-road, off-grid market. This is a significant milestone for the company, which has methodically expanded its portfolio to include more rugged options designed for off-grid explorations and adventures.

A hybrid of luxury and off-grid preparedness

Traditionally, Airstream trailers have been the epitome of travel opulence, often pictured against the backdrop of scenic vineyards or luxury glamping pads. While Airstream continues to own that glamorous space, the launch of the Trade Wind signifies a bold move. This new offering seeks to blend the company’s luxury lineage with its growing focus on off-road trailers and vans. The Trade Wind is engineered to deliver an off-grid experience without compromising the aesthetic and comfort that Airstream is renowned for.

The competitive landscape

With this move, Airstream is clearly eyeing competitors like Bowlus and Living Vehicle, which have made names for themselves in the high-end, off-grid trailer market. While the Trade Wind’s amenities match or exceed those of its competitors, it distinguishes itself with a more approachable price of entry.

The specs: Size and weight

The Trade Wind travel trailer is a robust unit, measuring over 26 feet according to specific technical sheets, but advertised at 25 feet for marketing purposes. With a gross vehicle weight of 7,300 lb (3,311 kg), it’s not targeting the eco-conscious electric vehicle market for towing. Its dual axles ensure stability and ease of towing for its considerable size.

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer On the Way
The Airstream Trade Wind being towed to an off-grid location, for the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Terrain capabilities

While you may not be taking the Trade Wind over rocky crags, its design takes into account the need for off-road capabilities. A 3-inch suspension lift and a set of 29.3-inch Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse all-terrain tires equip it for forest roads and gravel trails, expanding the range of locations where you can set up camp.

Off-grid innovations

Airstream has integrated state-of-the-art off-grid features into the Trade Wind travel trailer. Its heated 810-Ah Battle Born lithium battery bank is the largest ever fitted in an Airstream model and is paired with a 3,000-W inverter. The solar setup, a 600-W array, is also one of the largest ever deployed by the company. To ensure seamless transition back to on-grid power, Airstream includes a 30-A “SmartPlug” external hookup with quick-connect coaxial and Ethernet hookups.

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer Rooftop Solar
The Airstream Trade Wind’s 600-W solar array efficiently charges its robust 810-Ah battery pack, enabling seamless off-grid adventures.

Interior comforts and versatility

The interior is a nod to Airstream’s legacy of luxury, offering a single floor plan with appointments that rival any upscale hotel. A panoramic rear lounge with a tailgate, a well-designed kitchen featuring an L-shaped countertop, triple-burner gas stove, and a large sink contribute to an elevated living experience. Space is optimized for utility as well; the dining table can be removed to make room for bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor gear. Additionally, the Trade Wind travel trailer can comfortably accommodate up to five people, making it an ideal choice for families or groups.

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer Tailgate
The panoramic rear lounge of the Airstream Trade Wind features a tailgate, allowing travelers to enjoy scenic views while offering space for outdoor gear.

Options and upgrades

Customers can customize their experience further by opting for features like a convection microwave oven with air fryer functionality, 27- and 24-inch smart TVs, and Bluetooth speakers with surround sound. Standard features include a 30K-BTU furnace, tankless on-demand hot water, LED lighting, and substantial fresh and waste water tanks at 148 liters each.

A new chapter for Airstream

The Trade Wind signifies an exciting new chapter in Airstream’s storied history. It’s a trailer that represents a convergence of luxury and rugged functionality, targeted at the discerning consumer who wants the best of both worlds. The company’s commitment to ongoing improvement is evident, as future models will include an option for dual twin beds, expanding its flexibility even further.

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer Dining
Enjoy a panoramic al fresco dining experience with the Airstream Trade Wind’s rear lounge and tailgate, designed to bring the beauty of the outdoors right to your table.

Pricing details

The starting price for the Trade Wind travel trailer is US$129,400, positioning it as a high-end but comparatively more accessible option in the luxury, off-grid travel trailer market.


The Trade Wind appears set to redefine what consumers can expect from a luxury, off-grid travel trailer. It is both a nod to Airstream’s illustrious past and a confident step into a future where luxury doesn’t have to mean compromising on adventure. With its advanced off-grid capabilities and its impeccable design, the Trade Wind offers a compelling option for those who want to explore without boundaries but refuse to give up the comforts of home.

Airstream Trade Wind Off-grid Travel Trailer Master Bed
The master bedroom’s near-queen-size bed hugs the contours of the trailer, maximizing space while offering luxurious comfort for off-grid getaways.

Source: Airstream