Hardkorr Xplorer Trailer: The ultimate multi-toolbox for work and camp

Hardkorr Xplorer Camper Trailer
A 270-degree freestanding awning provides shelter from the sun and rain.

If you’re looking for a rugged and versatile camper trailer that can handle both your work and camping needs, then the Hardkorr Xplorer Trailer might just be what you need. The Xplorer Trailer is a compact and ultra-rugged camper trailer built for towing behind a fully-modded 4×4 anywhere you go. It’s essentially a truck canopy that rides behind the bumper instead of over top of it, with a dual-purpose design that lets it work as a towable toolbox for the job site and an all-in-one shelter for the campsite.

Design and Construction

The Xplorer Trailer is designed and manufactured by Hardkorr Campers, a Queensland-based company that specializes in compact camping trailers and larger caravans. The trailer measures 12.8 feet long (3.9 meters) and features a neatly organized aluminum body atop a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis. The independent dual-shock suspension keeps all of the trailer’s 3,900 liters worth of contents cushioned, while the mud-terrain tires stay glued to the erratic terrain below.

Storage and Organization

The Hardkorr Xplorer Trailer comes organized into two sides of storage, each with two separate cargo hatches. The righthand travel side is dedicated to general storage and available amenities like electrical hardware, while the lefthand travel side is where Hardkorr builds the utility trailer into a camper. The front locker is designed to be used as a large, well-stocked kitchen, with a lower compartment sized to fit an available slide-out kitchen and a tall, wide upper compartment that can be filled with available shelving and used as a pantry for dry food and cookware storage.

Slide-out Kitchen and Fridge

Hardkorr’s slide-out kitchen includes a stainless steel sink, dual-burner Dometic gas stove, worktop extension, and utensil storage. The rear locker next to the kitchen area houses a fridge slide designed to fit a 96-L fridge/freezer. The slide can be removed to fit an upright fridge if needed.

Hardkorr Xplorer Camper Trailer Kitchen Fridge
The trailer’s left side houses the pull-out kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator/freezer.

Rooftop Tent and Staircase

The Xplorer Trailer does not have any interior sleeping space, so Hardkorr offers a hardshell rooftop tent that features a Z-framed design with a two-stage full-roof lifting mechanism and a queen-size mattress inside. In a clever twist, Hardkorr eliminates the tent ladder in place of a staircase built atop the extended front frame. The design is meant to be easier for dogs spending the night in the tent, as well as those with sore knees or other ailments that make climbing a ladder at the end of the night seem torturous. A set of removable, foldable steps attaches to the front frame to complete the winding staircase.

Hardkorr Xplorer Camper Trailer Folding Staircase
The detachable folding staircase connects to the front, facilitating access to the tent above.

Modularity and Versatility

The camping hardware in the Hardkorr Xplorer Trailer is fully modular and designed to be removed with a few bolt twists, allowing the trailer to pull double duty as both a camping trailer and a work trailer. The trailer’s roof is rated to hold 350 kg (770 lb) and includes integrated tie-downs, perfect for hauling oversized cargo like lumber or pipes. Equipment like the fridge and electrical system could easily prove just as useful at work as on a camping trip.

Hardkorr Xplorer Camper Trailer Work Camp
The fully equipped Xplorer Adventurer comes ready for camping, yet can effortlessly transform into a functional work trailer with minor modifications.

Pricing and Models

Hardkorr’s Xplorer camping trailer lineup offers a range of models to suit any adventure-seeker’s needs and budget. The base model Xplorer trailer starts at AU$20,990 (US$13,990) and can be customized to fit your personal equipment needs. For those who need a bit more, the “Tradie” version, priced at AU$24,990 (US$16,600), comes equipped with a 200-Ah lithium battery and a 2,000-W inverter for powering tools and equipment.

For the ultimate camping experience, the fully equipped Xplorer “Adventurer” camping trailer boasts dual 100-Ah AGM batteries, a Bluetooth battery monitoring system, a shower tent with gas water heater, a lighting package, and a freestanding 270-degree awning with walls. This top-of-the-line model starts at AU$35,990 (approx. US$23,925) and even offers additional accessories such as a Weber Baby Q grill and solar charging hardware.

Hardkorr Xplorer Camper Trailer Spare Tires
The Hardkorr Xplorer features a pair of extra tires mounted to the back.

Regardless of which Xplorer model you choose, the base weight ranges from 900 to 1,200 kg (1,985 to 2,645 lb) before add-ons, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 1,650 kg (3,637 lb). Hardkorr introduced the Xplorer series in 2022 and has since been showcasing them at various events throughout Australia, with the next appearance scheduled at the National 4×4 Outdoors Show in Brisbane.

Source: Hardkorr Campers