Cargo-hauling HovCart and off-road HovScout eBikes launched by Hovsco

Hovsco HovScout HovCart eBikes
Both ebikes are equipped with a 750-W rear-hub motor, 720-Wh downtube battery, and reliable hydraulic disc brakes. Images © Hovsco

California-based eBike manufacturer, Hovsco, has introduced two distinct models catering to different needs. The HovScout is tailored for off-road adventures, while the HovCart is designed for urban cargo transportation.

The HovScout is a Class 2 eBike, with the capability to be upgraded to Class 3 through a companion mobile app, enabling a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). Equipped with a 750-W (1,032-W peak) rear-hub geared motor by Sutto (a Bafang subsidiary), it delivers 85 Nm (62.6 lb.ft) of torque to effortlessly tackle slopes.

The HovScout features torque sensing for enhanced responsiveness across its five pedal-assist modes, a 7-speed Shimano gearset for versatility, and a 720-Wh downtube battery, which offers up to 60 miles (96.5 km) of range per charge or 40 miles on throttle only. The battery also includes an LED light strip and is removable, making it suitable for illuminating a campsite.

The HovScout’s smooth-welded aluminum alloy frame accommodates riders between 5.25 and 6.16 ft (1.6 – 1.88 m) tall. Its suspension fork with 80 mm of travel and four-bar link lockout rear suspension, combined with 4-inch fat eBike tires on 26-inch double-wall aluminum rims, ensure a smooth ride on rough terrain. Unnamed hydraulic brakes with 180-mm rotors provide stopping power, and the maximum payload capacity, including the rider, is 450 lb (204 kg).

Hovsco HovCart eBike Max Payload
The HovCart has a maximum payload capacity of 450 lb.

The handlebar features a backlit LCD display that shows battery status, speed, PAS level, and distance, with additional data accessible through the Hovsco mobile app. The eBike also includes integrated lighting and a single-leg kickstand, but does not come with fenders. The HovScout is available for purchase at a price of $2,499.

For those who need to transport cargo in urban settings, Hovsco offers the HovCart, which shares similar specifications with the HovScout. It features the same motor, Class 2/3 customization, torque sensing, 60-mile removable battery with LED strip light, Shimano gearset, and maximum payload capacity. The HovCart, however, has a step-through frame, smaller wheels, and a rear cargo rack.

Hovsco HovScout eBike Full Suspension
The HovScout effortlessly tackles rough terrain, thanks to its full suspension and fat tires.

The HovCart’s low-step frame accommodates a wider range of rider heights – from 4.9 to 6.25 ft (1.49 – 1.9 m). Its modular rack system offers 200 different configuration options, according to Hovsco, including front and rear baskets and cushioned double seating for children.

The HovCart also features fat tires, but on 20-inch rims, a suspension fork, full fenders to protect against splashes and debris, and Tektro hydraulic brakes. The HovCart is priced at $1,999.

Hovsco HovScout eBike Range Class 3
The HovScout comes with a 60-mile battery, and can be unlocked for 28-mph Class 3 riding.

Source: HovScout, HovCart