The eZpIn: A visionary electric retro-futuristic motorcycle concept

eZpIn Concept Electric Motorcycle Mikhail Smolyanov
The retro-futuristic electric motorcycle eZpIn features unconventional joystick-inspired handlebars. Images © Mikhail Smolyanov

Mikhail Smolyanov, a renowned custom motorcycle designer, has unleashed a striking electric retro-futuristic motorcycle concept, the eZpIn. This unique creation is characterized by its bullet-shaped design, fashioned from aluminum stainless steel, which lends a sleek and modern appearance to the motorcycle.

Smolyanov’s inspiration for the eZpIn is rooted in retro-futurism, a design philosophy that combines elements of the past with futuristic concepts. The motorcycle’s pointed end gradually expands as it moves forward, reminiscent of a submarine. This visual connection is further enhanced by a line of dots along the side of the steel seat and a speedometer embedded within the body frame.

One of the most distinctive features of the eZpIn is its handlebars, which are positioned vertically rather than horizontally, mimicking the joysticks found on game consoles. This design choice offers riders an immersive gaming experience, as they lean into the eZpIn and race down the highway.

The origins of the eZpIn’s design are shrouded in mystery, as Smolyanov has remained tight-lipped about the exact time and place where inspiration struck. However, the motorcycle’s unusual aesthetics hint at a state of mind where the future of motorcycle design far surpasses what the present day has to offer.

eZpIn Concept Electric Motorcycle Engine Steel Block
The eZpIn motorcycle features a unique single solid steel block to house its engine.

In addition to the eZpIn, Smolyanov has also conceptualized a motorcycle made entirely of transparent glass. This design features rounded edges that soften the glass’s imposing appearance, with gray tones giving the motorcycle a friendly feel. Elements of the glass motorcycle’s boxy gas and engine frame are also present in the eZpIn.

The eZpIn’s minimalist approach is evident in its single solid block of steel, which houses all the essential components of the motorcycle. This clean and uncluttered design is a nod to minimalism, appealing to riders who appreciate simplicity and elegance. The hollowed wheels are another standout aspect of the eZpIn’s design. While they may appear similar at first glance, closer inspection reveals distinct differences in size and shape.

eZpIn Concept Electric Motorcycle Headlights
Even the headlights have different colors.

The rear wheel is chunkier and rounder, featuring attached taillights and a design element reminiscent of an external macro lens for a smartphone camera. The eZpIn’s name is displayed in a yolk color within the rim. The front wheel, on the other hand, is thinner and more bicycle-like, with a yellow accent underlining its design. The differing wheel sizes also influence the motorcycle’s LED headlights, with the smaller wheel producing a yellow glow and the larger one emitting a white beam.

Mikhail Smolyanov’s eZpIn concept motorcycle challenges traditional design conventions, offering a glimpse into the future of electric motorcycles. By fusing retro-futuristic aesthetics with innovative engineering, the eZpIn has the potential to revolutionize the motorcycle industry and reshape our expectations of sustainable transportation.

Will the eZpIn blaze through the highways of tomorrow? Only time will tell.

Source: Mikhail Smolyanov