Now pedal your way on a Mini – introducing the limited-run E-Bike 1

Mini E-Bike 1 Limited-Edition M Version
The M version of the Mini E-Bike 1. Images © Mini

In 1959, the beloved Mini automobile made its grand debut, marking a significant milestone in the automotive industry. To celebrate this notable history, the Mini motor company has embarked on the creation of its first-ever ebike, the Mini E-Bike 1, available in a limited run of 1,959 units. This article explores the various features and design elements of this exclusive ebike, showcasing its uniqueness in the realm of electric bicycles.

The Mini E-Bike 1, designed for Mini by the French firm Angell Mobility, is essentially a refined version of the latter company’s in-house ebike. The collaboration behind this design involved entrepreneur Marc Simoncini and Paris-based designer Ora Ito. The E-Bike 1 boasts an aluminum frame and carbon fork, available in two sizes: S (small) with a sloping top tube for easier access and M (medium) with a mostly horizontal top tube. Each frame size is available in a limited 1,959 units, offering a choice of Ocean Wave Green or Vibrant Silver for the three-coat duotone paint job.

Enhancing the rider’s pedaling efficiency is a 250-watt rear hub motor, propelling the ebike to a top electric-assist speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). The ebike offers three levels of assistance and claims a considerable range of up to 40 miles (64 km) on a single 2-hour charge from its removable lithium battery. This ensures not just ease of travel but also extended utility for longer commutes.

One of the stand-out features of the Mini E-Bike 1 is the integrated 2.4-inch touchscreen on the one-piece handlebar/stem. This display provides riders with valuable real-time data including the current assist mode, speed, battery charge, and distance traveled. This feature allows for seamless monitoring and adjustment during rides, ensuring optimal performance and user convenience.

Mini E-Bike 1 Limited-Edition S Version
The S version of the Mini E-Bike 1.

To safeguard the E-Bike 1 against theft, the ebike includes an antitheft system activated via a smartphone app. If the bicycle is moved while the system is activated, an audible alarm will sound, and its lights will flash, while the drive system locks to prevent unauthorized use. Even in the unfortunate event of theft, the ebike’s GPS coordinates can be tracked using the same app, adding an extra layer of security for the owner.

Further enhancing the E-Bike 1’s appeal are additional features such as four LED turn indicators, a leather-free Brooks saddle and grips, and 27.5-inch wheels with aluminum alloy rims. These are complemented by practical elements like a kickstand, mudguards, and a chain guard, making the E-Bike 1 a well-rounded offering in the electric bicycle market.

Mini E-Bike 1 Limited-Edition Touch Screen
Navigate your journey with ease on the Mini E-Bike 1’s integrated 2.4-inch touchscreen.

As for the pricing, the Mini E-Bike 1 is currently available for preorder on the company website at a price of €3,490 (about US$3,717). While this may be a significant investment for potential buyers, the combination of its limited availability, unique design, and a plethora of features makes the Mini E-Bike 1 a noteworthy consideration for ebike enthusiasts and Mini aficionados alike.

Mini E-Bike 1 Limited-Edition Turn Indicators
The Mini E-Bike 1’s rear indicators/tail lights are seamlessly integrated into the battery.

Source: Mini