Blackcamp Freeda trailer expands into high-precision Alpine base camp

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer
The Blackcamp Freeda effortlessly transforms from a compact, easy-to-tow squaredrop into a spacious alpine base camp with multi-side and rooftop expansion. Images © Blackcamp by Schwarz

The allure of the great outdoors is ever-present, especially for alpine explorers, mountain bikers, and wilderness enthusiasts. However, one of the enduring challenges for these adventurers has been finding a suitable base camp that melds portability with functionality. Blackcamp, a spin-off brand of Italian forestry equipment and trailer manufacturer Schwarz, aims to solve this with its specialized Freeda squaredrop caravan.

Versatility and design

The Blackcamp Freeda trailer offers versatility across various terrains and activities. Thanks to its compact box form, the caravan can navigate through narrow canyons, traverse mountain passes, and take on switchbacks with ease. At camp, this trailer transforms into a high-mountain retreat complete with a panoramic second-floor bedroom, homey outdoor kitchen, and multiple gear garages for storing equipment.

Unlike traditional squaredrop trailers, Blackcamp’s Freeda eliminates internal living spaces to provide an enormous 11.2-foot-long (3.4 m) cargo area. This internal space is customizable, but it’s specially designed for mountain bikers and cyclists. The tailgate area accommodates two to four bikes, and an optional slide-out secures them for easy unloading. This design also serves the dual purpose of making the trailer more aerodynamic and secure, as the bikes are kept out of sight and locked away.

Catering to various outdoor activities

Understanding that not all adventurers are into mountain biking, Blackcamp has diversified its storage solutions. The trailer can be configured to accommodate equipment for mountain climbing, dirt biking, wakeboarding, and even go-karting. Essentially, it aims to be the Swiss Army knife of adventure trailers.

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Mountain Sports
Not a biker? Blackcamp caters to enthusiasts of kayaking, mountaineering, surfing, wakeboarding, and even go-karting.

Comfort and accommodation

Those using an RV to tow the Freeda may be content with its gear-hauling capability. However, for explorers looking for overnight accommodations, Blackcamp offers several Airhome rooftop tents. These tents integrate so seamlessly with the trailer that they appear almost built-in. Once popped open, the tent provides a breezy, scenic upstairs bedroom that can sleep up to four people.

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Rooftop Tent Bedroom
Airhome rooftop tents offer optional, elevated open-air comfort.

The passenger-side outdoor kitchen comes standard on the Freeda. It features a beautiful wood-topped design with a dual-burner gas stove, a sink, and a 63-L fridge. Storage spaces for dry food, cookware, and utensils are abundant. A large side door extends the full length of the kitchen slide, offering some protection against the wind when the trailer is positioned correctly.

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Kitchen Area
The kitchen features a dual-burner gas stove, sink, and extendable wood countertop, with space designated for a standing fridge.

Additional features and specs

The Freeda packs in over 4,000 total liters of storage space and includes a 95-Ah gel battery for off-grid power. A 220-V inlet allows reconnection to the grid when back in civilization. The trailer also comes with a 60-L fresh water tank and a 20-L waste water tank. Constructed from a combination of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, it sits on a powder-coated welded frame. Its base weight is 1,587 lb (720 kg) and it can be configured to have a GVWR between 1,650 and 3,525 lb (750 and 1,600 kg).

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Offroad Package
The off-road package includes gear like traction boards and a shovel.

Pricing information

The base model of the Blackcamp Freeda trailer starts at €23,900 (approximately US$25,490). Optional rooftop tents begin at €3,820 (US$4,075). Additionally, buyers have the freedom to customize their trailers with a variety of options including an off-road upgrade package, awning options, an outdoor shower, a Trelino portable toilet, and roof tent heating.

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Outdoor Shower
Optional outdoor shower comes complete with privacy tent and hot water supply.

In summary, the Freeda trailer by Blackcamp offers a robust, customizable solution for adventurers who want a versatile and functional base camp. With its high precision design and thoughtful features, it makes pushing the boundaries of exploration that much more accessible.

Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Quick Setup
Reach your peak and set up camp swiftly.
Schwarz Blackcamp FREEda Camping Trailer Narrow Tracks
Compact yet spacious, the Blackcamp Freeda is engineered for narrow-track towing.

Source: Blackcamp