Engineer adds bicycle wheels to inline skates

Bicycle Wheel Inline Skates The Q
The Q's innovative inline skates, redesigned with bicycle wheels for enhanced stability on rough terrains. Images © YouTube/The Q

In the constantly evolving world of transportation, innovations frequently draw inspiration from the past while seeking to address modern challenges. Inline skating, a recreational activity that traces its origins to the 19th century, recently got a modern makeover by inventor Sergii Gordieiev, popularly known as The Q on YouTube. His latest venture? Fitting inline skates with bicycle wheels, offering an ingenious solution to rough terrain challenges.

Inline skates, since their inception, have been recognized for their agility, compactness, and suitability for smooth surfaces. Robert John Tyers’ 1823 patented design called “Rolito” was one of the early versions of these skates. It featured a line of wooden or metal wheels attached to a boot. As with any design, it has undergone a series of transformations, each aiming to improve user experience.

Drawing from this long history, Gordieiev identified a common pain point for skaters: the inability of conventional inline skates to tackle rough surfaces. He noted that the smaller wheels, while perfect for smooth pathways, proved inefficient on uneven grounds. Seeking to address this, he stripped the skates of their original wheels, replacing them with a custom-made steel frame. This frame was designed to hold a larger bicycle wheel at the front, followed by a slightly smaller one at the back. The result? Skates that offer enhanced stability on rugged terrains.

This shift from conventional wheels to bicycle ones was more than just an aesthetic choice. The larger, potentially inflatable wheels provide greater adaptability, making skating feasible on rough grounds, such as grassy slopes and rugged pavements. However, while they excel in stability, these revamped skates compromise on portability, a trade-off for their enhanced functionality.

Bicycle Wheel Inline Skates The Q Speed Bumps
The Q’s bicycle wheel inline skates smoothly navigate speed bumps with ease and stability.

Gordieiev’s YouTube video unveiling this innovation garnered a plethora of reactions. One enthusiast remarked on the potential fitness benefits, noting, “Now you’ll burn calories a hundred times faster, and your legs will look like Arnold’s after an hour of skating.” Another comment mused about the possibility of adding suspension and hydraulic brakes, coining the term “mountain skates”.

Others offered constructive feedback. One viewer suggested a size recalibration for weight efficiency, while another felt the metal brace needed padding for comfort. A particularly insightful comment referenced a bygone era, stating, “These are almost exact copies of those they used in 1900… We keep regurgitating old designs.” Indeed, the cyclical nature of design and innovation is often evident across different domains.

Bicycle Wheel Inline Skates The Q Curbs
The Q’s bicycle wheel inline skates effortlessly maneuver over curbs.

Now, as for pricing, since this innovative skate design was a custom project, specific figures aren’t provided. However, the production costs for such a design, given the custom steel frame and larger bicycle wheels, might be higher than conventional inline skates. Potential buyers or DIY enthusiasts should account for these factors when considering or replicating this unique design.

Check out the video below for the build process, and to see the skates in action.

Source: The Q